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At Mylio, our vision is to change the way the world remembers. We are a group of creative designers, amazing developers, visionary thinkers, memory makers, storytellers, and passionate photographers. We're a small but unique company working towards helping people enjoy their photos and protect their memories. At our company, organizational charts, formal attire, and your typical office environment stand aside. What you’ll find is an office full of energy, music, open spaces, art, photography, a wine cellar, and even a llama and a sheep. Our team values transparency, empathy, and respect for each person we interact with.

Digital Apprenticeship

A Call for Photographers Who Write, and Writers Who Photograph


You live and breath social media. You are the go to person in your friend group and family to learn what new game changing media is out there.  You are always connected. You have a camera with you all the time, and you use it. All. The. Time. You have an eye that way. You like to write. You want to write. Like, you want to write for real. You’re looking for people who can help you make that happen. Even if you didn’t, you’d write anyway – it’s a part of who you are. You’re serious about this. You’re looking to build a book.


This is an apprenticeship. A chance to learn by doing. To start honing a craft. It’s also a chance to get in early on something you can point to later and say ‘Yeah. I was there before.’ You’ll be contributing to the growth of True Stories and our eventual world take over.


You’ll shoot, and you’ll write. You’ll be assigned topics, and you’ll pitch topics. Short stuff. Smart stuff. Fun stuff. Real stuff. You’ll be part of a team for a new online magazine called True Stories. You’ll help shape what that team creates. You’ll have your name up in pixels.


You’ll get, over time, a book of work. You’ll get better and better. You’ll also get a lifetime, VIP membership to the premium Mylio SKU. We don’t sell that, that’s just internal. The next closest thing in retail, what the pros use, goes for over $250/year, so, lifetime, unlimited, you do the math.


Reach out, let us know you’re interested.  Send us 3 writing samples with accompanying images and why want to be a Mylio digital story teller. You’ll be a writer & a photographer – a passion for both is a must. Send your information, samples & other relevant materials to  Looking forward to hearing from you.

NOTE: This a digital apprenticeship & does not require you to be in-office, live in Washington state or in the United States specifically. Fluencey in English is a must.

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Job Description

Our small, high-performance team is looking for a talented Developer with a history of consumer software development. You will be responsible for driving multiple simultaneous projects, prioritizing well, and communicating clearly to members of the Engineering, Test, and Marketing teams. We’re looking for a hard-working individual who can think critically and creatively in order to provide unique solutions to different technical issues. In this highly collaborative environment, you will be working closely with the Test teams to guide product design, implementation, release, testing, and maintenance. The ideal candidate has a passion for diving into deep technical challenges, and isn’t afraid to get his or her hands dirty in the process.


  • Write high quality code, participate in code reviews, design/architect systems of varying complexity and scope.
  • Create high quality documentation supporting design/coding tasks.
  • Establish best engineering practices and act as a mentor to other members of the team.
  • Participate in architecture and design of various feature areas of the product and ensure a timely execution of the components with high quality. This will include owning certain components from design, engaging with other teams to manage dependencies, implementation, and monitoring and live-site support of the deployed service.
  • Configure, monitor, test, and modify system software and utilities to optimize performance of systems.
  • Deliver project milestones and tasks assigned communicating progress regularly.
  • Perform file system configuration and management.
  • Plan and implement server upgrades.
  • Drive continuous improvement into the product, process, and technology.
  • Thorough understanding of current product.
  • Participate in the design of next cloud architecture.


  • Highly technical.
  • Minimum 5 – 10 yrs experience in systems level development – not web or enterprise, but consumer software.
  • Experience in replication is required.
  • Experience in shipping products.
  • Experience in client software.
  • Core database and core infrastructure experience.
  • Understanding of and proficiency in C and C++.
  • Experience using using tools and techniques for cloud infrastructure (not HTML).
  • Ability to work with replication systems (peer to peer over-Internet protocol).
  • Experience with file system networking.
  • Experience with core infrastructure for programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, 1Drive, Google Drive, etc.

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Mylio is an equal opportunity employer committed to creating a work environment that develops the personal and professional growth of their employees regardless of age, color, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or veteran status.