All Your Photos, Organized And At Your Fingertips

The million moments of your life, back together again in a Life Calendar.


Find Any Photo – Fast.

Photos can be like puzzle pieces, scattered across different devices, and places like Facebook. Mylio acts as a photo organizer to put the pieces back together again to make a whole picture, then makes that picture available on all your devices. Now you can find the one you want in seconds.

Quick & Easy Imports.

Mylio collects every photo, PDF, and video from hardware like phones and cameras, software like Aperture and Photoshop, and apps like Facebook and Flickr, then automatically organizes them for you to rediscover, enjoy, and share.

Manage Memories the Way You Want To.

See and manage your media anywhere it lives, while leaving original files just the way you want. Use Mylio as a simple viewer to find and share your memories, or an in-the-trenches productivity tool to organize, edit, and protect them. This photo organizer can even help you free up storage on your phone.


Discover Your Life Calendar.

Put those scattered moments of your life back in order, and into a calendar where you can make sense of them. Find things you’d lost, tag life chapters and people, rate your favorites, or clean out what you don’t want. Anything you do will sync across all your devices.

Events view in Mylio helps you organize your photos into a Life Calendar.


Make Your Pictures Perfect.

Watch your pictures pop with easy-to-use editing tools and filters. Tweak photos fast with one-click presets, or fine tune them to pristine pixels. Edit on any device, anyplace – even offline. The best part? Mylio edits are non-destructive, so original images are always safe.

Mylio photo organizer features editing tools including cropping, filters, presets, histogram, black and white, saturation, color, tint, and so much more.

Mylio’s full suite of editing tools include Auto Enhance, Tone Control, Sharpening and a Histogram. For better quality and control, work with them directly in RAW.

Edit on Any Device.

Reduce red-eye on your tablet; crop an original image on your desktop; apply a filter on your phone — changes will sync across all devices. Search and filter by People, Date, Keywords, Tags, Location and Ratings, or turbo boost your organization with Facial Recognition. Rating controls help you separate good, from great, from merely meh. Already do that heavy lifting in Lightroom or Aperture? Mylio imports those settings along with the images.


Spread the Love.

Use Mylio as a launch pad to connect with others: quickly and easily post to social media; tell stories with video or slideshows; show your work in a portfolio; use it as a photo organizer to display your products in a catalogue and then print it -- really big. Or, just send an email to Mom.

Mylio photo organizer makes it fun and easy to share your photos on Instagram, Facebook, Email, and more.


Achieve Photo Peace of Mind.

Know exactly how many copies you have of your original photos, where they are, and whether you should consider making more. Mylio isn’t a cloud service, but can be configured to sync with existing Amazon and Google Drive accounts. Or, if cloud isn’t your thing, then Mylio’s unique protection system works privately, off the internet, using device-to-device syncing.

Mylio photo organizer protects your original photos with backups.
No Cloud Necessary.

Device-to-Device Syncing keeps updates to your media locally on your wifi network -- even if it’s not connected to the Internet (take that, cable company). So Mylio is private and secure: no handoffs, no mystery servers, no corporate middlemen.

Safety in Numbers.

Since Mylio automatically updates every device on your network, you can choose your level of redundancy, and how many baskets to spread your eggs across. And with no cloud, you know exactly where everything is.

Powerful, intuitive tools to help you do more, faster.

  • All Photos

    If you’re the straight-no-chaser type, you’ll like this: see every photo in your catalogue, at a glance. Quickly find what you want, or enjoy wandering down memory lane.

  • Calendar

    Browse, rediscover, and enjoy memories the way you’d expect: chronologically. Highlight significant personal chapters to create your unique Life Calendar.

  • Device Map

    Check your sync status in a flash with easy-to-understand device icons and real-time file counter badges. Easily confirm you have adequate backups, or add one instantly.

  • Editing with Presets

    Make your pictures perfect in one click with a suite of practical presets. Edit on one device, and changes sync to all of them. Changed your mind? Anything can be undone.

  • Face Recognition & Tagging

    Batch identify and tag people across thousands of images with lightning speed. Then, watch as Mylio’s machine learning makes the experience better and better.

True Stories

Real-life tales of lost and found memories, mind-bending and inspiring photo projects, reflections on technology, plus case studies, tutorials, tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Mylio. See it all here.