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Quickstart guide


Installing Mylio Photos on a computer

Start by installing Mylio Photos on a computer with access to photos you plan to add to your Mylio Photos library.

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Adding Files

Importing media into Mylio Photos

After Mylio Photos is installed on your main device, it’s time start adding photos and videos to your Mylio Photos library.
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Add Files

Adding files to Mylio Photos

After Mylio Photos is installed on your main computer, it’s time to get your photos into the software so you can access them from your other devices.
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Finding Things Fast

Using QuickFilters & SmartTags

Quickly find your best photos and rediscover forgotten memories with Mylio Photos’ QuickFilters and AI-powered SmartTags.

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Enhancing your photos

Learn how to perform essential editing tasks to bring out the best of your images while preserving your original files. Use presets to improve color and tone. Use crop and rotation tools to improve composition.
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Edit & Crop

Editing your photos

Mylio Photos is more than just a way to keep your memories safe. One of the best features is the ability to edit and enhance your images on any device! Learn how to perform essential editing to improve color, tone, and composition.
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Share & Export

Sharing your photos.

Easily share files with your family, friends and contacts. Export with custom size, resolution, and metadata for use in other applications.
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Protecting your photos and videos with Mylio Photos+

You can easily share and export photos from your Mylio Photos account to have access to the images outside of the application. This includes photo sharing with others from desktop or mobile devices.
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What should I do next?

Once you have started your Mylio Photos Library, try:

Face tagging

Start tagging people with our intelligent face recognition technology and it’ll start automatically tag people in your photos. and watch as you discover pics you didn’t realize you had.
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Do you have scanned photos, videos, or images with missing location information? Use the map tab in the Details panel and drag files to the location where they belong.
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Calendar events

An easy way to add special events to your Life Calendar™ is to select an existing folder and make it an event.
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