Turn Photo Chaos into a Living Legacy

With Mylio Concierge Plans, a professional photo manager helps you turn your overwhelming photo collection into an organized, accessible, and secure digital library.
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In partnership with The Photo Managers   
“In a world overflowing with memories captured but seldom revisited, the value of a professional photo manager becomes unmistakable. They are not just organizers but curators of your life's precious moments.”
Cathi Nelson, CEO and Founder of The Photo Managers

How Will a Professional Photo Manager Help?

Expert Organization
From scattered memories to a structured library, a Certified Photo Manager skillfully categorizes your photos, videos, and documents, making them easily searchable and shareable with Mylio Photos.
Mylio Photos Setup
Your memories are curated into a Mylio Photo+ library, customized to reflect your life journey. Your collection is properly safeguarded and accessible to you at all times.
Professional Guidance
The Concierge Plan extends beyond digital organization. We'll mentor you in preserving your print photos and analog videos, offering expert advice on safeguarding all your memories.

What Should You Expect?

Working with a professional photo manager not only saves you a significant amount of time but also ensures that everything is organized correctly from the outset.
Enjoy Ease and Convenience
Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for that one photo. With everything organized, your memories are just a few clicks away.
Don’t Struggle on Your Own

Tackling a photo library on your own can feel overwhelming. Don’t wast time or risk mistakes with your important collection.

Preserve Your Legacy
A photo manager helps to preserve your history for future generations, making it easy to share the stories behind your cherished moments.
Invest in Safety and Security
We'll help you back up your photos, videos and documents, protecting them from the device loss or failure.

The Process: Simple, Secure, Personal

1 Get a Match

Complete a simple form, and we'll match you with a certified photo manager who will help and mentor you along the way.

2 Consultation

Join the first call so the photo manager can understand your objectives and the stories behind your photos.

3 Collection

A photo manager will help you gather photos from everywhere — hard drives, old computers, smartphones, albums, and even shoeboxes.

4 Setup

Our experts will help you build your Mylio Photos+ library, from the initial setup to making it truly personal and secure with face tagging, metadata, protection vaults and more.

5 Celebration

Enjoy your personalized Mylio Photos+ library, ready for you to explore, enjoy, and share with your loved ones. All because you’ve decided to get a Concierge Plan and partner with a professional photo manager.

The Mylio Promise.
Your Memories, Always Accessible

A common worry many have is the idea of their precious photos, videos, and documents becoming inaccessible—locked away in some distant Cloud or tied down to a single platform. With Mylio Concierge, we put those fears to rest. Here's how:
Directly On Your Devices

Your organized photos remain on your devices. Whether it's your computer, tablet, or smartphone, your memories stay at your fingertips, not hidden away on remote
Cloud servers.

Fully Accessible, Anytime
With Mylio Photos+, your entire collection remains accessible. Browse, share, and relive your memories whenever you wish, with the peace of mind that they're always within reach.
Organizational Integrity

One advantage of using Mylio Photos is that all the work we do together—every folder, every tag—is represented on your devices. 
Your digital legacy is preserved and readily shareable, ensuring your loved ones can celebrate the stories behind the photos.

This approach ensures that while your memories are expertly organized and easily accessible, they remain entirely under your control—ready to be enjoyed and shared on your terms.

Meet Your Photo Managers.

We've partnered with The Photo Managers to give you access to knowledgeable certified photo managers worldwide. Here are some of them.
Allison Freedman
Arrange Wander Focus
Susan Wolak
Save a Memory
Jennifer Loomis
Signature Photo Organizing

Turn photo chaos into living memories!

We've partnered with The Photo Managers to give you access to hundreds of wonderful Certified Photo Managers worldwide. Here are some of them.

Three sessions with a professional photo manager (1 hour each session)
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Concierge with Mylio Photos+
Three sessions with a professional photo manager and one year of Mylio Photos+
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After 1 Year, Mylio Photos+ renews at $99
Bonus: Get up to 50% discount on premium photo scanning services with every Concierge Plan.

What Customers Say.

“I just wanted to share my gratitude and my delight! I started working through Mylio Photos last fall. But I had no idea how important it was to understand the most basic functions of importing, etc. I was constantly in amaze!

But! The introduction you made for me with Susan Wolak was a game-changer! From the minute we made contact, Susan showed professionalism, a positive attitude, and patience. She has made short videos for me and can point me in the right direction on the Mylio Photos platform. You have done yourselves an excellent service by offering customers like me a teacher like Susan.”

– Carolyn Buonanno Chase

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