Frequently Asked


What is Mylio Photos? 

Mylio Photos is an application for laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets that connects all of your devices into a single photo library. You can organize, protect, sync, and edit all your images (from any source) in one easy-to-search library. Mylio Photos helps you do this by securely and directly connecting your storage and personal devices, with no cloud or internet connection required.

You can finally enjoy being able to find any photo fast in a unified and organized library. Plus, Mylio Photos helps protect your photos from device failure or loss. You can access ALL your photos on ALL your devices at ALL times.

Is Mylio Photos the right photo manager for me? 

No matter how you store or organize your images, Mylio Photos provides unique benefits you’ll find nowhere else. Here’s a look at what you can do:

  • Seamlessly connect all your devices, even mixing and matching operating systems like macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.
  • Conveniently browse and search across every device and hard drive you’ve connected to Mylio Photos to find your important images.
  • Work with your photos and videos stored locally on your computer or external hard drive, and then sync across all your devices.
  • Organize images with easy-to-use but powerful tools. Mylio Photos adds industry-standard IPTC metadata that most photo applications can read.
  • Rest assured knowing your photos are safe by adding a Vault. Mylio Photos helps users set up one or more Vaults (computers, external storage drives, or cloud services) where full-quality original image files are stored, serving as a backup.
  • Connect to photo-sharing services like Facebook, Instagram, and Google to easily download and backup images you've previously shared.
  • Sync and backup your Android or iOS camera roll, protecting your mobile photos and providing convenient editing and powerful search tools.

Mylio Photos’ automatic and highly customizable organization tools make it faster and easier to find photos than on your computer or phone’s default photo app. These tools also help you surface photos you didn’t know (or forgot) you had.

How does Mylio Photos work? 

Mylio Photos is easy to set up on all your devices. The process is straightforward and we provide complete training to get you up and running. Here’s a quick overview of what happens

  1. Create a Mylio Photos account.
  2. Install the software on your primary computer, where most of your photos are stored.
  3. Tell Mylio Photos where your photos are located or let it scan your drive.
  4. Choose the folders you want to add to Mylio Photos. You are in complete control.
  5. Mylio Photos creates a catalog of all your photos to make it easy to browse your entire library.
  6. Install Mylio Photos on other computers, phones, or tablets.
  7. Mylio Photos optimizes your original raw files and produces Smart Previews. These files retain the flexibility of the original raw file and have enough resolution for social media, slideshows, and even a 5x7 print. Yet they’re quite small, typically using only 5% or less the disk space of an original raw file.
  8. Mylio Photos connects all your devices and authorizes each to see your entire library.
  9. Mylio Photos adds the catalog to each device. This lets you browse photos without the cloud (or even an internet connection). This catalog is very small and fits on almost any drive.
  10. You can take advantage of Smart Previews to save space on any device. They take only a fraction of the space and offer photo editing options and the ability to export images for social media, email, and even basic printing.
  11. All image editing and organization are automatically synced across all your devices.
  12. Add one or more Vaults to backup your photos and videos to protect against device failure or loss.

To get you up and running, be sure to explore our Quick Start guide. If you want to take a more in-depth look at Mylio Photos, you can explore the product manual.

I already have Apple Photos, Lightroom Classic, or another photo manager. Do I need Mylio Photos? 

Even if you’re already using other photo software, Mylio Photos adds several unique benefits to your workflow. This includes empowering you to do things like:

  • Have a single, comprehensive library across all your devices
  • Use Smart Previews that provide nearly all the benefits of the original file at approximately 5% of the file size
  • Search with facial and text recognition
  • Browse and edit with no need for the cloud or even internet access

Mylio Photos also works seamlessly with other tools for a convenient workflow.

  • Exchange files back and forth with Lightroom, thanks to our plug-in.
  • Keep your iCloud Photo Library photos in sync with all your other pictures.
  • Organize your hard drives and add industry-standard IPTC metadata that other photo applications can read.
  • On desktop or laptop, open your original editing files by choosing Photo > Open With and selecting your favorite editing application. When done, just save your photo to the same folder. Mylio Photos will add it to your library.
  • Conveniently hand off to any editing or publishing application on your phone with the standard Share menu. You can also share content from other apps to Mylio Photos in order to save it in your unified library.

Why do I need to create an account before I can try Mylio Photos?

Your Mylio account is used to verify and authenticate which devices have access to your media, and is necessary for the Mylio Photos application to function. Mylio never sees or stores any of your media, and all communication between your devices is private, secured by AES-256 encryption.

Your Mylio account also allows you to manage your login information, devices, and billing details on the Account website.

How much does Mylio Photos cost? 

Mylio Photos offers annual and monthly service plans for $99.99/year or $9.99/month, respectively. New users begin with free access to the unlimited Mylio Photos plan for a 30-day trial period (unless a special offer is redeemed). In addition, we offer a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee (for any reason) after the purchase of a subscription. Try Mylio Photos for up to 60 days, risk free.

We also offer a free plan, Mylio Photos Essentials. This plan is limited to 5,000 photos and three devices.

Is Mylio Photos a subscription service? 

Yes. All trial users start with a free 30-day test drive of Mylio Photos. When your trial ends, you will need a subscription to maintain full access to all Mylio Photos features and add unlimited image files and devices to your account. You can choose to subscribe annually ($99.99/year) or monthly ($9.99/month).

Mylio offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, for any reason, after the purchase of a subscription.

Why is Mylio Photos only available as a subscription and not as a one-time purchase?

A Mylio Photos subscription is a complete toolset that helps you consolidate, organize, enhance, and protect your photos. Because of the unique way Mylio Photos works, we choose to charge for it as a subscription plan.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Mylio Photos allows devices running Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and iPadOS to easily connect. This means constantly keeping up on evolving hardware and software updates and changes.
  2. We also offer a secured infrastructure that provides authentication and connectivity for your private devices to find, recognize, and interact with each other seamlessly.
  3. A subscriber-only feedback community enables us to prioritize the needs of current Mylio Photos users.
  4. Subscribers enjoy full access to a continuously improved application. Our development team regularly releases updates with useful new features as well as enhancements for ease of use and optimized performance.

We offer both convenient monthly and annual plans that give you flexibility in billing. We believe that by charging fairly for our application and focusing our development on the needs of our paying customers, we can continue to deliver a service that protects your photos and is enjoyable and reliable. Mylio Photos is both software and a service that ensure your pictures are always accessible and well protected.

What happens when the free trial ends if I decide not to subscribe?

The app will notify you when your trial is over. You can choose to create a free Mylio Photos Essentials account, which is limited to 5,000 image files and three devices. Or you can choose to leave your account in an inactive state. With an inactive account, you can still access your photos and the file and folder organization on your Vault drives or devices — but you won’t be able to use Mylio Photos’ features and functionality.

You can reactivate your Mylio Photos account at any time by subscribing at

What happens to the photos I’ve imported to Mylio Photos if I decide the application isn’t for me? 

We truly believe you’ll love Mylio Photos. We even provide a 30-day evaluation period with a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, if you ever decide to leave Mylio Photos, you’ll find your photo library is in even better shape than when you started.

  • Because Mylio Photos is not a closed ecosystem, all your photos remain fully accessible on any computer or external drive you added to your account.
  • Any organization you’ve done to remove duplicates or organize folders is reflected right on your hard drives.
  • All metadata you’ve added (such as face tags, ratings, labels, and keywords) is stored as industry-standard metadata that other applications can see and use.
  • Any GPS or map locations you’ve added will transfer as well.

The only items that are specifically stored in Mylio Photos are the Albums and Calendar Events you create. While we’d be sad to see you go, we never want you (or your photos) to feel that Mylio Photos did not add a benefit to your organized and protected photo library.


Will Mylio Photos work on my computer, phone, and tablet? 

Mylio Photos is designed to run on nearly all modern computers, phones, and tablets. We require the following operating systems at a minimum in order to provide the best experience. You can of course use a newer version.

  • Mac - macOS 10.14 and newer
  • iPhone / iPad - iOS 13 and newer
  • Windows - Windows 10 version 1909 and newer (64 bit only)
  • Windows ARM (Surface X Pro) – Windows 10 version 1909 and later (64 bit only)
  • Android - Android 8.1 and later

What types of files does Mylio Photos support? 

Mylio Photos supports a large and growing number of file types. Find a full list of currently supported files here. You can also check for specific camera support for raw files here. We are always working to support new cameras. If yours is not listed, please see this Support Forum topic.

Is Mylio Photos compatible with iCloud Photo Library? 

Mylio Photos is compatible with iCloud Photo Library. You can install Mylio Photos on your iOS and macOS devices and grant it permission to see all photos you’ve added to your iCloud Photo Library. Mylio Photos can automatically see new images added to your phone’s camera roll or the iCloud Photo Library. For best practices on integrating these two technologies, see this article.

Is Mylio Photos translated into my language? 

Mylio Photos currently supports English, Spanish, French, and now German. We’re working to add support for more languages in the future. If yours isn't on the list yet, check back later or drop our Support team an email. We’ll make sure the product team gets your request for future development!

Learn & Support

I just downloaded Mylio Photos. How do I start using it? 

To get you up and running be sure to explore our Quick Start guide.  If you want to take a more in-depth look at Mylio Photos, check out the comprehensive, illustrated product manual. You can also explore helpful articles and videos in our Mylio Photos Community.

Where can I get help with Mylio Photos? 

Our educational and support resources include a detailed product manual, a dedicated support website, extensive video training, an educational community, and a support forum. These resources provide quick answers that are easily searchable.

If you are not able to find what you need in the resources above:

  • Please contact support by emailing
  • Click the Help menu and choose Contact Mylio Support.

Library Management

Does Mylio Photos have storage limits? 

You can store and organize an unlimited number of photos and videos with Mylio Photos. The only limitations are the capacity of your devices. To optimize your storage, take advantage of Mylio Photos’ intelligent system that helps maximize storage available on your devices.

  • For space-limited devices such as phones, Mylio Photos creates a catalog with thumbnail images. A 1 TB photo library can be optimized to 1-2 GB for convenient storage. Mylio can then automatically store your most-often-used photos on your device, or allow you to fetch them on demand.
  • For devices like tablets, laptops, and higher capacity phones we suggest keeping the Smart Previews on hand. These files are about 5% of the original size but offer nearly all the benefits of the original photo. They still contain raw image-editing flexibility as well as enough resolution to create images for social media, email, presentations, and personal printing. You can also fetch originals from another device on demand if both devices are online.
  • On your desktop computer or primary hard drives, you can store the full-quality files of your photo library. Mylio Photos can see these images and serve them up to your other devices when needed.
  • For extra protection, we strongly suggest adding two or more Protection Vaults. These are hard drives that you choose to keep a backup copy of your photos and videos. Setting up Vaults can protect against losing a device as well as a drive failure.

Does Mylio Photos limit the number of devices or image files I can add?

If you are subscribed to Mylio Photos, there are no limits on devices or files. You can add as many as you like. In fact, several subscribers have well over 1 million photos in their library, and some small businesses have 20 or more devices on their account.

You can add devices running iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows. You can add photos, videos, PDFs and Microsoft documents. If you are using a free version of Mylio Photos or Mylio Create, the total number of devices you can have connected is limited to three and four, respectively. And the total number of files is limited to 5,000 or 25,000, respectively.

Will Mylio Photos help me clean up duplicate files? 

Yes. When you add media into Mylio Photos, you have the option to exclude the import of duplicates to help keep your hard drives clean and organized. The app also includes a deduplication tool to help clean up any duplicate files that may have previously existed on your hard drives. Duplicate files are detected using several criteria, then you can move or delete those files. This is an excellent way to clean up your photo library and save disk space.

Does Mylio Photos protect my images on the cloud? 

It can! In addition to protecting your images on your personal devices, you also have the option to connect OneDrive, Google Drive, or Amazon Drive cloud accounts. When using the cloud, you can choose to store the original files or to encrypt the data into a special format that will be readable only by devices signed into your Mylio Photos account. Read more on connecting to the cloud.

Why can’t I see my photos on the Mylio Photos website? 

Mylio Photos does not store your information on the web. Photos and videos are kept only on your local devices. This means that your photos are accessible from the Mylio Photos application — not from the web. The way our app works provides you with unlimited storage (based on the capacity of your storage devices) and more privacy.

While you can log in on the Mylio Photos website, the only actions you can take there are to manage your account, manage your devices, or download the Mylio Photos application.


Can I edit my photos with Mylio Photos? 

Mylio Photos provides a collection of essential editing tools that let you adjust key properties for your images. These include standard development tools for Tone, White Balance, Color, and Details. These edits are applied nondestructively to your image and are synced across all your devices. It’s truly great to be editing original raw photos or even Smart Previews on your smartphone to deliver amazing images.

Are photo edits in Mylio Photos nondestructive? 

Mylio Photos stores ratings, edits, keywords, face tags, and other metadata in XMP sidecar files. This allows Mylio Photos to perform nondestructive edits, so you can always go back to your original photo. More information about XMPs can be found on our Product Manual here.

Does Mylio Photos work with other photo editing applications? 

Yes, Mylio Photos works with most other photo software applications.

  • You can choose another image-editing tool to be your default editor on your desktop and laptop computer. A selected image can be easily handed off for additional editing with just a click. When done, save your new image to the same folder. Mylio will scan your folders for changes and show them right in your Mylio Photos Library.
  • If you use Lightroom Classic to edit, Mylio Photos offers bidirectional support. You can select multiple images in Mylio Photos for a handoff to Lightroom Classic. We also offer a publishing service that automatically returns a copy of all edited images back to Mylio Photos.
  • On desktop or laptop, you can choose Photo > Open With and select from any application your computer recognizes for the supported file type. This will open the high-quality image if it's available on your computer and let you edit it in another application.
  • On phones and tablets, Mylio Photos fully supports the Share menu. This lets you easily share images to other image-editing applications or even publishing and social media apps. You can also share images right back to Mylio Photos with just a tap in order to store important photos you’ve received via email, text, or social media.

What are XMP files? 

XMP files are “sidecar” files that Mylio Photos creates when changes have been made to your photos. These files are very small and only contain the instructions on how to edit your file or additional metadata about the file.

Because Mylio Photos is a nondestructive application, your original images will not be changed. Instead, changes will be recorded to the XMP file and the XMP file changes are applied to your original image on export.XMP files are a standard for recording metadata for images and are used by many applications. Changes made in Mylio Photos can be read by most applications that utilize XMP files. If you wish to apply metadata to the original (non-raw) image, you can do so with Mylio Photos’ Save Metadata to File option.


If you need help getting set up with Mylio Photos, you can quickly access support by using the Help button in the toolbar. Or, you can visit one of the following resources for additional information and support: