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Seagate & Mylio Photos: Better Together

Mylio + Seagate = Backup and Protect for Your Photo Memories

Does Mylio Photos help you organize and protect your photos and videos? Yes. There are plenty of apps that try to help you do that. None of them do it as intuitively and completely as Mylio Photos.

Thoughtfully designed around how human beings think and enabled by fast, powerful AI-driven organization and search tools, Mylio Photos sets the bar for the private collection, organization and preservation of our most precious and irreplaceable assets: our memories.

No memory collection is complete without a robust backup plan. When you add an external USB drive from Seagate to your Mylio account, it can be configured as a Vault Drive, which Mylio Photos uses to automatically collect and protect every memory on every device connected to your Mylio account. Want more protection? Add another Vault drive for automatic, redundant backups.

Never worry about losing your memories to damaged, lost or stolen devices again.

Your photos always within reach

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    Mylio Photos makes it easy and enjoyable to browse and search even the largest photo library.
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    Blazing fast, customizable AI discovery tools make finding the perfect photo intuitive, fast, and fun.
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    Enrich your photos with details about the people, events, and locations that matter.
    This information is easy to share and make available for future generations.
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    Mylio Photos is the perfect way to collect everything that matters to you. Easily organize and enjoy a lifetime of memories.
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    Mylio Photos is a single, cloud-independent, home for a lifetime of photos and videos.

    Peace of Mind

    At Mylio, our mission is helping you protect priceless memories. With a Mylio Photos+ plan, you can create one or more Vaults. Once a Vault is attached to your account, the following is enabled:

    Automatic Backup: New media added to any device is automatically backed up to your Vaults.
    Device Sync: Full access to and synchronization between all media on all your devices.
    Optimized Images: Store 15x more media on devices, like smartphones, with limited storage.
    On-Demand Originals: Full-sized original images stored on your Vaults and available on any other device on-demand.
    Redundant Storage: Designate multiple computers, external hard drives or Cloud services as Vaults for redundant backups, on-site or off-site.
    Cloud Privacy: When using a Cloud service as a Vault, your media and personal data are encrypted. No one can see them except you — only from devices connected to your account.

    Adobe Lightroom Alternative

    Everything with you,
    all the time

    Adobe Lightroom Classic Alternative

    Convenience without compromising

    Adobe Lightroom CC Alternative
    Protect it all with a
    Seagate drive

    We get it; life gets complicated. Memories of work, family, travel, achievements and more are all stored as photos and files on the devices that were handy at the time we produced them. Finding them again means remembering we have them, finding where they are stored, and making sure we have the right equipment to access them.

    The memories and stories of our life end up spread out across phones, computers, cameras, drives, disks, the cloud, photo albums and shoeboxes. What a mess! Who has time for all that?

    Let Mylio Photos help you turn that mess into one library – private, protected and with you all the time.

    Rediscover moments that matter


    Face Recognition in People View

    People – many of the best memories revolve around the people you love and the special relationships you build with them. Mylio’s superb Face Recognition technology automatically finds important people in your life by looking for their faces in all of your photos, with the ability to recognize each person through the many stages of life. Our intelligent software quickly and consistently finds the people you tagged and named in your existing library, and continues to surface their faces as your photo collection grows. It also groups faces you have not yet named so you can quickly tag them at once using our bulk tagging feature.

    People View lets you review and tag faces individually, tag faces in bulk, tag undetected faces, and even bulk ignore faces you do not want to be detected in the future. The latest version of Mylio Photos enables you to tag individually and in bulk from any view using the people tag tool.

    Imagine the impact... of uncovering lost memories as Mylio Photos reveals pictures of people who have played major roles in your life story.


    Dates and Events in Life Calendar

    Your life story is a timeline filled with milestone moments and significant events. Mylio Photos helps automatically organize your library by synchronizing with your digital calendars and displaying your media in a beautiful Life Calendar, viewable as decades, years, months and days. Connect your Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar and Mylio Photos automatically groups your images and videos into events. Click an event title, and re-experience the memories. Mylio Photos can display all events from your imported calendars, or only those events that have images and files associated.

    Niece's birthday party? Mylio Photos will group all your photos according to the calendar details. Vacation in Europe? Events can span multiple days and locations.

    Quickly view your entire library by decade, year, month or day. Rediscover the moments that really matter.

    Locations in Map View

    We travel to experience life in a different way, and those experiences become the true treasures of our lives. New foods, new friends, new perspectives – Mylio Photos lets you relive those experiences quickly and easily by grouping your geotagged photos into a Map View.

    Today, most cameras and smartphones tag photos with GPS location information. Mylio Photos uses this information to display your library on a world map, allowing you to browse memories by location. Mylio even lets you add location information to your photos by dragging pictures to locations on the map, forever connecting your memories to where they happened.

    Where have I been? Where I have not yet explored? With Mylio Photos, your photos and videos become a map of your life, sorted by location, and easily accessible in your pocket.


    Organize everything — anytime, anywhere

    Folders and Albums


    Work the way you want to work, organizing once and letting Mylio Photos reflect that organization on any device.

    When using Mylio Photos, your content doesn’t live on the cloud like other photo library apps. It lives on your own devices. If your content is already organized in folders, Mylio Photos simply creates a beautiful rendition of those folders, allowing you to see everything and quickly find the exact item you want.

    Folders in Mylio Photos are the same folders on your drives. If you organize your folders in Mylio Photos, your file system will reflect the change. Likewise, if you change, move or delete anything using the file browser on your computer, Mylio Photos will detect the changes immediately and synchronize them to all your devices.

    Albums enable you to create collections of photos and videos without affecting the folder structure. One photo can be in multiple albums without creating any duplication or wasting valuable drive space. You can remove a file from an album without deleting the actual file from your library.

    Accessing everything in a beautiful visual structure makes it amazingly simple to find exactly what you are looking for right when you want it.


    Ratings, Labels and Flags

    We take pictures for many different reasons: from capturing and preserving the memories of a family vacation to reminders of where we parked at the airport. In other words, not all images are equal. Mylio Photos makes it easy to highlight your best and most important files using Ratings, Labels, and Flags. Once you have marked an image, Mylio Photos will showcase your favorite images on the covers of folders and in your Life Calendar. You can also filter any view to show only files you have marked as important. Of course, the Ratings, Labels, and Flags will synchronize across devices.

    Ratings are a ranking system. Rank your images from 0 to 5 stars.

    Labels of different colors can be added to any file, and you can decide what each color represents in your own library.

    Flags can be easily set as on or off, and are often used to mark the files you want to get back to later.

    While you rank, flag and label your favorite images, you make them easier to find. Mylio’s global ranking system automatically update the covers of dates, folders, and albums to show what matters most to you in every view.

    Dates, GPS, Keywords and more


    Photos have the magical ability to transport us to another place and time. Modern cameras and smartphones enhance this ability by adding details to photos and videos as metadata: information about the photo that is written into the photo file for apps like Mylio Photos to read. Metadata includes not only time and date, but location information and things like keywords and people tags. Mylio Photos takes full advantage of the metadata in your photos and uses it to automatically organize your collection.

    Want to see where in the world you’ve taken photos?
    Mylio’s Map View will overlay your photos on a world map for you.

    Want to see what you were doing during important events?
    Mylio’s Life Calendar™ combines the dates your photos were taken with events in your digital calendar (iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar) to show you a visual timeline of your life, highlighting the most important moments.

    However, sometimes the information in your files is inaccurate or incomplete. Mylio Photos allows you to view, edit and enhance this information, so you can better tell your story with your media. For instance, when scanning older printed photographs, slides or negatives, the scan date may not be the date you want to remember. Mylio Photos lets you change the date of your files to match when the original image was taken. What if the GPS location information is missing? Simply drag these images to the correct place on the map and Mylio Photos will to generate the GPS coordinates and save them with your files.

    Keywords allow you to associate images and files with each other by describing what you know about the image. Do you photograph birds? Add the names of bird species found in each image as keywords to easily find similar bird pictures later using a simple search.

    Combine all your data into unique searches or filters. Want to see only the photos of your kids overlayed on a map? Mylio Photos can do that for you!

    Finally, all your recent digital shots and even scans from your personal history can share the same richness of information, becoming one stunning and detailed story of your life. And now with Mylio Photos, all that data is always with you, on every device, everywhere you go.

    Edit & Share

    If you take pictures with a flash, chances are you have some pictures where the subject’s pupils are bright red, turning a good picture into a horror story. Mylio’s smart redeye removal tool makes it fast and easy to make more natural looking pictures.

    Adjust for "Redeye"

    If you take pictures with a flash, chances are you have some pictures where the subject’s pupils are bright red, turning a good picture into a horror story. Mylio’s smart redeye removal tool makes it fast and easy to make more natural looking pictures.

    Auto Enhance & Filters

    Filters are collections of edits that can be quickly applied to one or more images, creating a variety of natural and unique looks. You can use Mylio’s library of default filters, like B&W or Exposure+1, or create and save your own. Auto Enhance is our most popular filter for enhancing the light and definition of any image. All filters, including ones you've created, can be applied to multiple images at once - making editing a large set of photos take only a few seconds. All your edits and filters are saved into your library, syncing to all your devices without altering the original image. This means you can remove the filters and apply new ones over and over again until you have the perfect look, all while preserving the original image forever.

    Histograms & Sliders

    If you like to control all of the details, Mylio Photos has you covered. Manipulate your images with over a dozen slider controls including Highlights, Shadows, and Color Temperature. Our Histogram lets you see real-time analysis of your edits, allowing you to precisely adjust your image to perfection, all without changing the original file.

    Exporting & Sharing

    After organizing and editing your collection with Mylio, you’ll definitely find memory treasures worth sharing. The export tool helps you prepare final versions of your files for sharing, offering control over the file name, image quality, metadata and more on any number of files, albums or folders. Choose a destination on your computer, or share to your favorite apps. Mylio Photos also taps into your particular device’s sharing capabilities for a seamless flow with all the ways you’re already accustomed to working with your images.

    Mylio Photos makes it easy and fun to work and rework your images so you can share the best of the best with anyone, from any device, anytime.


    A single, private, well-organized library

    Stop drowning in photos

    Mylio Photos makes it easy to import photos and videos into your library. Add media from:

    • Hard drives
    • Camera memory cards
    • USB memory sticks
    • Scanners

    Phones & Tablets


    Get organized. No sweat.

    Mylio Photos takes the work out of organizing your library. As you browse your photos, they are automatically organized by date and folder.

    If the existing library is in chaos, have Mylio Photos auto-organize folders on import and remove duplicates.


    Reclaim important photos from Social Media

    Having second thoughts about all those shared photos? Maybe just want to back everything up?

    Mylio Photos connects to popular social media and photo sharing sites and imports everything you’ve already shared.

    Feel like posting? We can help there too.


    Select, enhance, and share your best photos

    Focus on Your Best Photos

    Ever try to get the perfect shot of your cat or your kid?  We’re not sure which one is harder to herd. 

    Our DeCluttertool helps by gathering all your photos into an easy review tool. 

    Quickly clean up the bad shots (eyes closed, goofy smiles) and just keep the good stuff.


    Make Your Photos Look Amazing

    All essential editing tools are included with Mylio Photos.

    • AutoEnhance for everyday photo problems
    • AutoColor to fix old photos and faded images
    • Crop and straighten to get perfectly composed photos
    • Pro-quality tools for White Balance, Tone, Color, and Vignette
    • Remove noise and sharpen image details for clearer photos

    Share Freely and Safely

    With just a click, your photos are ready to send with the Share menu. Easily jump to all your favorite apps and tools.

    With our SafeShare option, protect your family’s safety and privacy by removing personal information from photos before you post them to the Internet.

    Available for Windows, MacOS, iOS/iPadOS, and Android.

    Privacy or Convenience? Why choose?
    Mylio Photos offers both.

    Other media management tools  like Google Photos, Apple Photos, Adobe Lightroom CC and even Facebook offer access and convenience, but their cloud servers become the primary storage location for your precious memories. 

    While they give us assurances that our data is private, a new data breach seems to happen every month and we are not generally given real transparency on how and where they are selling our data.

    With Mylio Photos, the choice is simple.  Your memories and any related data are yours and yours alone. Period.

    To make sure your data remains private, we do the following:

    Localized AI Tools: Our powerful AI organizational tools run entirely on your devices, without any round-trips to the cloud. Your data never leaves.

    SafeShare: Protect your family’s safety and privacy by removing personal information from photos before you post them to the Internet.

    Cloud Privacy: When using a Cloud service as a Vault, your media and personal data can be encrypted. No one can see them except you — only from devices connected to your account.


    Google Photos

    Apple Photos

    Amazon Photos

    100% Data Privacy


    Google Photos

    Apple Photos

    Amazon Photos

    Cloud-Independent Backup


    Google Photos

    Apple Photos

    Amazon Photos

    Local, Private Backup


    Google Photos

    Apple Photos

    Amazon Photos

    Unlimited Storage


    Google Photos

    Apple Photos

    Amazon Photos

    Document Management (e.g. .pdf)


    Google Photos

    Apple Photos

    Amazon Photos

    Cross Platform Device Sync


    Google Photos

    Apple Photos

    Amazon Photos

    Multi-Device Syncing


    Google Photos

    Apple Photos

    Amazon Photos

    Organizing your photos doesn’t have to be hard.

    Every Mylio Photos user can join our Mylio Photos Community.

    • A large video library of tutorials
    • Free webinars and events
    • Groups for photo-sharing
    • Access to our photo experts for free advice

    Welcome to Mylio Photos!

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    Mylio Photos users say it best.

    Tech and lifestyle creator Justine Ezarik, aka iJustine

    Mylio Photos is so cool because it allows you to organize all of your photos...

    Mylio Photos is so cool because it allows you to organize all of your photos, in one library that is accessible on all your devices. I love being able to conveniently manage, edit and have access to all of my photos, on all my devices, from anywhere.

    Mark Condon, Shotkit

    Mylio Photos is a smart, slick...

    "Mylio Photos is a smart, slick and surprisingly fun way to privately organise and manage huge collections of photos." -

    Amanda H., cofounder of Memory Momentum

    As a photo organizer, I can’t go without an amazing tool...

    As a photo organizer, I can’t go without an amazing tool that allows me to sync and view my entire iPhone Photo collection on a completely separate platform. My go-to? Mylio Photos. I love Mylio Photos because of the folder structure and backing up outside of Apple Photos.

    Karsten W., Mylio Photos customer

    I finally have the complete overview...

    I finally have the complete overview of all the photos that have been scattered in many places for years ... Everything runs flawlessly and now I can quickly find the best memories to show to others.

    Daniel J. Cox, nature photographer, cofounder of Natural Exposures

    Getting close to 1.4 million images...

    Getting close to 1.4 million images that Mylio Photos keeps track of for me. No other program was able to handle this many files. All in one catalog to boot.

    Jaimiee J., Mylio Photos customer

    I’m sort of obsessed with how easy Mylio Photos functions...

    I’m sort of obsessed with how easy Mylio Photos functions. This is actually such a good application. Just trying to get the rest of my stuff off Google Drive next so I can clean up all my devices.

    John C., Mylio Photos customer

    Living in a rural area with not very fast internet...

    Living in a rural area with not very fast internet and data caps, Mylio is a great solution for me.

    Changing the Way the World Remembers


    Our approach is revolutionary, giving Mylio Photos users complete privacy and control of their personal data without giving up the convenience of availability that is often associated with cloud services. Mylio Photos is the first system that can truly bring everything together into one library, connecting you to your precious memories wherever you are and with the devices that are handy.

    Available for Windows, MacOS, iOS/iPadOS, and Android.