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Learn how Mylio makes file management easy, secure and fun.

Bring your files together

If you're anything like us, your photos may not be in one easy to find location. In fact, you may not even be certain where all of your photos are.

That is no problem for Mylio. Mylio has a suite of tools to help you locate and consolidate your images across a variety of locations, including external hard drives, online services, various photo management applications or even buried in forgotten folders on that old desktop computer.

And when you're done, we'll help make sure those memories are unified in one location, safe and sound.


View your Life Calendar™

What good is having all of your photos, videos and documents in one place if you don't like looking at them?

Life Calendar™ is designed to give you a beautifully unique but familiar view that makes finding that specific memory only a few clicks or taps away. By pairing Mylio with your calendar app, your photos will be automatically organized by what you were doing that day in instantly recognizable events.

Better yet, Mylio keeps things organized as you go about your daily life. Every time you add something to your calendar, Mylio will intelligently look for photos that happened during that event and sort them for you.

Access your files anywhere

Whether you're at home on your computer or stuck in the middle seat of a cross country flight, you always have complete access to your Mylio Library, even without internet access.

Mylio utilizes the storage on your physical devices, keeping your library current and available everywhere you go - even without internet access. Any changes you make to your library while offline will sync to your other devices as soon as they're available to connect again, ensuring you never have an out of sync library and not restricting your workflow.


Organize with face recognition

Organizing your memories doesn't have to be difficult. With Mylio's cutting-edge face recognition you can tag thousands of pictures of your friends and family in minutes.

Mylio will automatically group faces belonging to the same person without your intervention. When you're ready, simply tell Mylio the name of the person to create a custom album containing all of the images that person is in.

If Mylio fails to detect a face or detects the wrong face, you can easily tag the correct face. Mylio learns how to tag your faces better over time - so if we get one wrong, we'll do better next time.

Reclaim your device's storage

Carrying your full photo, video and document library with you is great, but with storage space on mobile devices and laptops being a commodity, it may not seem practical.

Luckily, not only can Mylio sync your full library at a fraction of its actual size, it may be able to reclaim precious storage so that you can continue to take amazing photos and videos (or keep downloading those addictive match-three puzzle games to your phone).


Edit your photos

We're sure your pictures are perfect. However, if you want to make them a little more perfect, Mylio has a full range of editing tools at your disposal.

Ranging from one-tap filters to precision treatment sliders, Mylio's editing tools can help make your images shine no matter what your skill level is.

If you need a specific tool that Mylio doesn't offer, you can easily send your images to another editor to make changes. Once saved, Mylio will pick up those edits automatically and sync them between all of your devices.

Protect your memories

Mylio's foundation is built around keeping your memories safe and secure on multiple devices. We've made it easy to ensure your library is protected from common data loss scenarios like device failure, theft and acts of God.

Since Mylio is not a cloud service, we've created a way for you to utilize the storage on devices that you already own to keep redundant copies of your files. These devices are called Vaults. When a device is designated as a Vault, Mylio will keep that device up to date with all of your original, full sized files.

To add another level of protection, Mylio can also integrate with some cloud providers to use their storage as a Vault. This ensures that you have an offsite copy of your files that you can restore your library from.


Keep your data private

At Mylio, we believe your memories are your memories. We sync your devices by connecting them directly over a peer-to-peer connection, not storing them on our servers.

If you choose to utilize the cloud you can encrypt your images, keeping your data inaccessible not only to those who may gain unauthorized access to your cloud service, but from the cloud service itself.

In a world where storing your data on the cloud is the norm, Mylio offers a refreshing alternative by keeping your data right where it belongs: with you.