5 Ways To Reclaim Wasted Travel Time: Sort Your Files for a Fast Cleanup

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You know it, you dread it: the Travel Day. Even when everything goes according to schedule, it’s a day you pretty much write off as lost time. But since Mylio works offline, even the most jaded Road Warrior can be productive – even creative – during those idle hours. Here’s how.

2. Sort Your Files for Fast Cleanup

Finished rating? Or want to sort images, then rate them? Clicking the View icon to the right of the Search Box on the upper right hand corner will give you options to sort by date, name, or rating:

Fast photo cleanup with Mylio by sorting

Clicking the small triangle in the Search Box sorts in more detail:

How to sort your Mylio library for quick cleanup

You can sort or filter by rating, people, places, or keywords. In these examples, we’ve first sorted by rating in ascending order, then filtered that rating further by looking for only photos (excluding videos or PDFs) that have been rated ‘red’  to be deleted.

Once this is done, we can select all the images by starting with the first, then holding down the shift key and selecting the last. Now you’re ready for a bulk delete to free up space for more great shots. You can delete these pictures just from the device you’re working on, or, when you’re back on a WiFi network, remove them from all devices.

You don’t have to be connected to the internet, or to a cloud service; Mylio syncs device-to-device through a direct wireless connection.

To do this, be sure that three things happen:

  1. All devices are logged into the same Mylio account
  2. All devices are connected to the same network
  3. All devices are running Mylio (and Mylio has to be in the foreground on mobile devices)

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