5 Ways to Reclaim Wasted Travel Time: Sync Your Devices to Protect Your Images

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You know it, you dread it: the Travel Day. Even when everything goes according to schedule, it’s a day you pretty much write off as lost time. But since Mylio works offline, even the most jaded Road Warrior can be productive – even creative – during those idle hours. Here’s how.

5. Sync Your Devices to Protect Your Images

Mylio is unique in how it protects and replicates your images — and all your changes — across all your devices: it uses a peer-to-peer connection. Peer-to-peer means your devices don’t use the internet or a cloud service to transfer your stuff. Instead, Mylio looks at a direct wireless connection between your devices as a network, and distributes the files over that network.

To do this, be sure that three things happen:

  1. All devices are logged into the same Mylio account
  2. All devices are connected to the same network
  3. All devices are running Mylio (and Mylio has to be in the foreground on mobile devices)

When setting up for the first time, Mylio will know what file size should be synced to your device based on what kind of device it being used, and how much space is on it. The default quality in which Mylio decides to sync your photos is called your device’s Sync Policy.

You can change your sync policy by clicking the Protection icon at the top of the left panel:

Mylio library screen grab
This particular setup shows a laptop and two external hard drives, all of which hold copies of original, full-sized files.

Tip: You can add as many external hard drives to your account without having it affect your device limit. This is a great way to be sure you have added protection for your entire library. When adding an external drive to Mylio, the external drive will automatically have a sync policy of Originals. This means all photos in their full quality, will be protected to the external drive.

That’s it!

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