5 Ways to Reclaim Wasted Travel Time: Create Picture Perfect Images with Editing Tools

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You know it, you dread it: the Travel Day. Even when everything goes according to schedule, it’s a day you pretty much write off as lost time. But since Mylio works offline, even the most jaded Road Warrior can be productive – even creative – during those idle hours. Here’s how.

4. Create Picture Perfect Images with Editing Tools

You’ve chosen your hero shot, and now you want to make it just so. Mylio includes a suite of editing tools, including Black and White conversion, Red-Eye Removal, and Sharpening (premium versions include more tools, like brushes, a histogram, and a compare-before-and-after option).

First, maximize your image by double clicking it. You can do some basic edits like cropping or rotating  by clicking the icons on the bottom bar, but to access the full set of tools, make sure the right panel is open to reveal the icons at the upper right hand corner. Clicking the pencil icon there will open the edit tools.

Editing photo in Mylio

In this example, we’ve converted the picture to black and white, and sharpened it up a bit.

Editing photo to black and white in Mylio

Edit and experiment as much as you want — with Mylio, nothing is lost. Not only are your edits auto-saved as you make them, but you can reset them anytime, and go back to your original version by clicking the ‘Reset All Edits’ button.

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