5 Ways to Reclaim Wasted Travel Time: Add Dates and Build Your Life Calendar

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You know it, you dread it: the Travel Day. Even when everything goes according to schedule, it’s a day you pretty much write off as lost time. But since Mylio works offline, even the most jaded Road Warrior can be productive – even creative – during those idle hours. Here’s how.

3. Add Dates and Build Your Life Calendar

One of Mylio’s most beloved features is Calendar View, which sorts your media according to the date it was created. The catch? That scan of your great-grandparents’ wedding day wasn’t tagged with data like the pictures of your boozy brunch this weekend, so it won’t show up in the right place. The solution? Yup, a manual change. You can do this several ways; the simplest is to right-click the image, then select ‘Change Date’.

The more detail-oriented can try it this way:

Adding dates to your photos and building your life calendar

Once you’ve selected a scan, open the right panel (the icon indicated by the bottom green arrow) to see associated information. See how the date of the image (top arrow) is from 2002? That was actually the scan date, so it needs to be changed. Lucky for us, the lab that printed the original photo put the month and year on the border, and we can make the change without a lot of research or guesswork.

Adjusting dates and times to your photos

Selected the date in the right panel launches a calendar view, where you can get a specific as you like (down to the minute!)  Change your view in the left panel by clicking ‘Calendar’, and you’ll find your image where it belongs:

Calendar view of your Mylio library

Tip: When you scan old prints, be sure to do both sides; while you may get lucky and find a date printed on the front, it was common back in the day for dates and other important information (like: who is that next to Grandma?) to be handwritten on the back. A quick sort will help you delete any blank backs, and join the right descriptions to the right images. You can then add a caption and keywords to be sure the memories are carried on.

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