What’s New in Mylio?

We’ve released an update to Mylio bringing several new features as well as adding some stability improvements. See your photo library in a whole new way! Mylio features a brand new user interface highlighting the best ways to edit and organize your digital memories.

New Features

  • Mylio has gone to Dark mode! Our most popular way to view Mylio is now the default with a new interface.
  • Make your first run into Mylio easier with an updated Setup Wizard.
  • Simple import from SD Card and Camera options.
  • Integrate your Calendar with Mylio. Let us do the heavy lifting with getting things sorted into events you already have in your life calendars.
  • See more inside Your Mylio World, Notifications, Devices, and customizable statistical views with a new Dashboard.
  • Create Vaults to house all your original memories, making syncing easier to manage while protecting what matters most.
  • Auto-optimize image quality to take up a fraction of the space on your devices, but look just as great!
  • Updated Rating Bar allows for you to easily tag photos with star ratings, color labels, and flags. You can even pin your “Photo of the Day”.
  • Filter and sort your currently viewed folder or album with custom criteria.
  • Maps can now be viewed in full screen!
  • Export images with your watermarks from mobile.
  • Safe Delete is introduced to help prevent unwanted removals from Mylio if images are removed by the filesystem.
  • Batch-Tag faces, finding the people most important to you in your library.
  • Added RAW support for the following cameras: Sony RX100 VI, Sony A7 MIII.

Bug Fixes

  • Performance Improvements

Extended Details

  • Version: 3.2
  • Release Date: Oct 31, 2018
  • Mac Build: 5511
  • Windows Build: 5511
  • iOS Build: 5511
  • Android Build: 5511

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