The View Menu

The View menu allows you to change specifics about the center panel of Mylio. It can contain different information depending on your current view, but let’s talk about its functions while in Folder view.

  • Sort By – Sort your photos by different criteria. This will adjust the view in the center panel to display your photos by their date taken, their name, or their rating. You can also sort these categories in ascending or descending order.
  • Show TPO – Place a sync policy adjuster at the top left of every photo, folder, or video. Learn more about Show TPO here.
  • Show Unwanted Media – If an image or folder has a sync policy of None, you can choose if you wish to display the image. Note that, if you choose to display a photo or folder with a sync policy of None, you may see Thumbnail versions of the image.
  • Show Media In… – Show all media in the containing folder, including all subfolders.
  • Grid Style (not pictured) – Allows you to change how the photos are shown in the center panel. Fluid will dynamically shift the photos into a beautiful view. You can also display your photos as square, which will show all of the photos in a set square and show black in the area the photo does not will. Tile view will show squares that are constantly filled, often cropping your photos.
  • Annotation (not pictured) – Show information on your photo as you browse such as rating, name, caption, and date.
  • Play Slideshow – Play a slideshow of the folder that you are currently in.
  • Settings – Open Mylio’s settings.

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