Editing with Treatment Tools

The treatment feature within Mylio allows you to color treat your photos. You are able to adjust the saturation, vibrancy, and sharpness of your photo. You also have the option to convert your photo to black and white and color treat your photo as black and white.

  1. Select the photo you would like to edit.
  2. Click the Edit panel in the Details panel of Mylio.
  3. In the lower portion of the Edit panel, you will see treatment with a disclosure arrow next to it. Click the disclosure arrow to open the treatment control panel.
  4. You have 4 initial options:
    1. Sharpen – Allows you to make the image appear sharper. This is especially useful in instances where there is a slight fuzziness to the image. To adjust the sharpness of your photo click the slider and slide it to the right or left. Note: The sharpen tool will not make an out of focus image appear in focus.
    2. Color/Black & White – Allows you to move your image between black and white and color. To convert your image to black and white, simply select the black and white.
      1. When you have converted your image to black and white you have 4 new options: Red, Green, Blue and Add Color. Adjusting any of the colors increase that color in the image. Now this will not add color to your black and white image, it will, however, increase the vibrancy and saturation of the areas where these colors would appear.
      2. You can also add color to your images. Adding color will allow you to slowly bring up the amount of color in the image. Adding color to the image allows you to create specific coloring affects. To add color to the image click the slider and slide it to the right.
    3. Vibrance – Allow you to increase the vibrancy of your image. Vibrance of color relates to how “bright” each color appears in your image. This is especially useful when you want your colors to pop. To increase the vibrancy, click the slider and slide it to the left to remove some of the vibrance or to the right to increase it.
    4. Saturation – Allows you to increase how much each color fills the image. Essentially it pulls the colors out. If there is blue in a portion of the image saturation will allow the blue to fill more of the image. To increase the saturation click the slider and move it to the left to decrease saturation or to the right to increase saturation.


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