Thumbnails, Previews and Originals

Choosing the correct photo size and quality for your device is an important step when first setting up Mylio. While this decision can be changed at any time, you are initially deciding in which quality you would like to display the photos on the device you are using. In order to understand this, it is best to understand what Thumbnails, Previews, and Originals are and what happens when selecting each of these settings.

What’s Are Thumbnails, Previews and Originals?

  • Thumbnails – A small version of your photo (20 to 30kb) that is great for referencing your full library. Ideal for mobile devices. Does not allow for editing.
  • Previews – Medium quality (approximately 1mb) that gives an accurate representation of your photos at a fraction of the space. Perfect for laptops or tablets. Fully editable.
  • Originals – Your full quality file (original file size). Great for desktops or high capacity laptops. RAW Compatible. Fully editable.

What Happens When I Choose Thumbnails, Previews or Originals on First Run?

When you’re first starting Mylio you will be asked to select whether you want to sync thumbnails, previews, or originals to your machine. This is called your device’s Sync Policy. This is an important decision that is decided on by many factors such as how much space is available and where your photos are currently stored. Deciding on your device’s Sync Policy means that photos that are imported or synced to this device will attempt to do so in the selected quality. While each setup is different, here are some basic guidelines…

  1. If your images are already on your internal drive or if you have enough space to hold all of your originals, choose ‘Originals’
  2. If your images are already in Mylio on another device and you are syncing them to this machine you can choose any quality. The biggest deciding factors would be…
    1. Do you want to use this device to protect all originals? If so, choose originals.
    2. Do you have enough space to store originals? If not, choose previews or thumbnails.
  3. If your images are already in Mylio on another device and you would just like to reference them on this device, choose “Previews” or “Thumbnails”.
  4. If your images are stored on an external hard drive and you would like to keep them there but do not want them taking up your internal drive, choose “Previews” or “Thumbnails”.

It is important to note that if you choose a quality that is not “Originals” and import photos, Mylio will cache the images and attempt to remove them from the machine when it has verified that the photos are protected on another device. For example…

  • Computer A is set for thumbnails
  • Computer B is set for originals
  • Images are imported on Computer A
  • Computer A caches the originals as it only wants thumbnails
  • Computer A sends cached images to Computer B
  • Once Computer B receives originals, photos are removed from Computer A

Thumbnails, Previews, Originals, and the Sync Panel.

Mylio’s sync panel can tell you the status of thumbnails, previews, and originals when syncing between devices. These status bars can tell you if a device wants any quality of any photo and if it has it or not.

  • Green:  The device wants the photos and currently has them
  • Yellow: The device wants the photos and currently does not have them
  • Gray: The device does not want the photos and does not have them
  • Green Squiggly: The device has the photos but does not want them (cached)

How can I change these settings?

There are two ways to change the settings for your photos…

  1. Change the Default Sync Policy for a device to change the quality of all media for a certain device
  2. Set custom folder and file syncing to change the sync policy for a specific folder, photo, or video.


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