Tips for Getting the Most Out of Mylio

Peek Inside with Flutter

Flutter allows you to quickly see the contents of any folder or album by simply swiping your finger over the container from right to left on touchscreen devices, two-finger swiping from right to left on trackpads or use your traditional mouse’s scroll wheel while holding the Shift key. Flutter saves you time when looking for a specific photo or subfolder – you don’t even need to click. Learn more…


Organize with Mylio Clipboard

Moving your files between folders and albums – or folders to folders has never been easier. Mylio makes organization simple by giving you a temporary holding location for your photos while you move them around. Simply select your files and drag them down to the Mylio Clipboard to store them while you find the perfect new home for your memories… Learn more…


Editing Made Easy

We all love to save time, right? Mylio can help by showing you a list of all of your favorite editing presets right from the Edit panel, even in grid view. Just select an image or series of images, open the Edit panel, and click a preset to see how it looks on all of the selected photos. You can revert the changes with the Reset All Edits button, too. Now that is easy. Learn more…


Customize Your Workspace

Your photo management software should be just that. Yours. Mylio lets you customize your workspace in either a light or dark theme and with three different text sizes. Find the perfect fit for you from the Appearance settings inside of Mylio’s settings. Each device can be different, too!

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Albums the Easy Way

Dragging and dropping files is easy – and now creating and populating albums is, too. Simply select the images you want to add to an album and drag them to the Albums view in the Navigation panel. Mylio will display all of your albums for easy access, or even let you create a new one with your selected images.


Prevent Unwanted Changes

With Mylio’s Guest Mode you can hand over your device to friends and family without worrying about unwanted changes to your Mylio Library. Guest Mode prevents your photos from being moved, altered, or deleted while still allowing your device to access all of your media. Learn more…


Remember It All

Creating events is an easy way to keep track of your memories and you can easily create them directly from Calendar view. Simply locate a day, month, or year where something memorable happened and click the plus sign in the top right of any photo to create an event from it. You can customize the category, time frame, and description of your event all without leaving the calendar view. Now you can always find that special moment. Learn more…


Help in 3 Clicks

Don’t spend time feeling confused or alone. The Mylio Support Team can be contacted from directly within the Mylio application from within the Help menu in the Navigation panel. Simply select Contact Mylio Support to let them know how they can assist you and you’ll hear back from our support superheroes as soon as they fasten their capes. Learn more…


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