Edits and Information that Mylio Imports From Aperture

When running Mylio’s automatic Aperture import, there may be some data in Aperture that does not translate directly to Mylio. Below is a list of information that Mylio does and does not support.

 Aperture Mylio
 Color LabelsColor Label
 Edit – Crop Crop
 Edit – RotateRotate
 Edit – ExposureExposure
 Edit – SaturationSaturation
 Edit – ContrastContrast
 Edit – VibranceVibrance
 Edit – TempTemp
 Edit – TintTint
 Edit – ShadowShadow
 Edit – Sharpen Sharpen
 Edit – Black & WhiteBlack and White
 Edit – DefinitionDefinition
 Edit – HighlightHighlight
 Face tagPeople
 VersionsNot Currently Supported
 StacksNot Currently Supported
 RejectsNot Currently Supported
 Hidden FilesNot Currently Supported