Sharing Photos to Instagram On Your Android Device

Instagram is a quick and easy way to share your favorite photos with friends, family, fans, and anyone else who enjoys photography. Sharing to Instagram with Mylio can be done in just a few simple steps.

Note: You must have the Instagram app installed on your device for Instagram to be a sharable location.

1. Open Mylio and select the photo you wish to publish to Instagram.

2. Select the ‘Share’ icon at the bottom of the center panel.

Mylio Android Share Button

3. After you media has been prepared, select ‘Instagram’ from your list of sharable locations. You must have Instagram installed for it to be shown.

Mylio Android Instagram Share

4. Crop your photo for Instagram’s square canvas, or use the icon in the lower right of your photo to post the photo in original format.

Mylio Android instagram crop

5. Apply your favorite filters and edits, then continue with the arrow in the top right.

Mylio Android Instagram Edit

6. Write a caption, add a location, tag people, and choose additional locations to share your photo to.

7. Share your photo by selecting the check mark in the top right.

Mylio Android Instagram Post

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