Exporting Photos to Flickr On a Computer

Mylio allows users to share a single image, multiple images, albums and folders on Flickr. By uploading your images to Flickr, you can easily share your favorite photos via the web.

  1. Select the photos you would like to export. If exporting a folder or album, simply select that folder or album.
  1. Select the share menu in the bottom left of the center panel.Mylio Desktop Share Button
  1. Select ‘Flickr’.
  1. Upon first exporting to Flickr, a prompt will appear for you to login. Simply enter your login information and Mylio will link to your Flickr account. If this prompt does not appear, you are already logged into Flickr through Mylio.
  1. Flickr will open in your web browser.
  1. Flickr will display the images that you are exporting. You have the option of captioning and titling images before uploading them. Once captioned and titled, you can upload the images to your Flickr, or you can choose a “set” that you would like to add the photos to.
  1. Your photos will be automatically uploaded to Flickr.

If you would like to sign out of Flickr or switch the account that Mylio is currently tied to, you can do so from Mylio’s ‘Account’ window within ‘Settings’.