Exporting Photos to Facebook On a Computer

Facebook allows you to share your photos and videos to a large number of people quickly. Mylio makes it easy to share your memories to Facebook directly from within the Mylio application.

With Mylio, you can share a single image, a set of images, a folder, or even an album of photos directly to Facebook. When sharing to Facebook, images will be uploaded in the order that they are shown in Mylio. For custom ordering your photos, it is best to make an album that is sorted correctly and then share that album.

  1. Open Mylio and select the photos you would like to export. If exporting a folder or album, simply select that folder or album.
  2. Select the share menu in the bottom left of the center panel.
  3. Select ‘Facebook’Mylio Desktop Share Facebook
  4. When first exporting to Facebook, you will be asked to log in with your Facebook credentials. If you are not asked, you are already logged in.
  5. Mylio will display the images that you are exporting. You can caption the images before uploading them.
  6. Once captioned, select ‘Album’ to choose where on your Facebook the photo will be uploaded. If you would like to create a new album, select ‘New Album’ at the bottom of the Album window.Mylio Desktop Share Facebook Album
  7. Once you have selected your location, use the back arrow in the top left to get back to the Facebook export page and select ‘Post’.
  8. Your photos will be automatically uploaded to Facebook.

If you would like to sign out of Facebook or switch the account that Mylio is currently tied to, you can do so from Mylio’s ‘Account’ window within ‘Settings’.