Sharing Photos On Your Android Device

In Mylio you can share your photos, folders, albums, and videos using the built in Android sharing options. This makes it convenient to email photos, text message photos, or upload them directly to Google Drive.

Using the Android share menu is easy…

  1. Select your photo(s), folder(s), or album(s) you want to share and select the share button at the bottom of Mylio.Android Sharing with Mylio Support
  2. The Android share menu will open, showing you the options that you can share your selection to. This menu is automatically populated based off of the current capabilities and apps you have installed.
  3. Some popular sharing options are:
  • Drive – share photos directly to Google Drive
  • Email – share your photos directly via your email application
  • Hangouts / Messaging – send your photos to family and friends as a hangout or text message
  • Android Beam – share your selection over NFC
  • Bluetooth – share your selection over bluetooth
  • Facebook – with the Facebook app installed, share directly to Facebook
  • Twitter – with the Twitter app installed, share directly to Twitter


To enable sharing directly to Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr, you must be signed into your account directly from your Settings for iOS. This will add the appropriate icon to the Share Menu.


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