Hiding Specific Folders or Media from Life Calendar

Mylio allows you to hide specific, unwanted media from Events view, Calendar view, and slideshows to ensure that only desired photos are found when browsing with those views. Hiding specific content from Events, Calendar, and Slideshows does not remove the content from your library, or alter the content’s sync policy. Instead, it just excludes the selected medias from populating those views.

Media can be hidden by hiding the folder that contains that media. Individual pieces of media cannot be hidden, only the folder they are a part of – though you can hide subfolders. Folders must be hidden individually and not with multiple folders selected.

To hide a folder and its contained media…

  1. From ‘Folder’ view select the folder or subfolder you wish to exclude from Events and Calendar view.
  2. Open the Details Panel with the toggle at the bottom right of the center panel.
  3. Open the ‘Info’ Pane of the Details Panel.
  4. Select ‘Hide’ to exclude the contained media and all of its subfolders from Events view, Calendar view, and slideshows.

Showing Private Folders in Life Calendar

In some instances you may wish to display private folders in Life Calendar while still hiding them from Events view and slideshows. Here is how…

  1. Navigate to Calendar View.
  2. Open the Calendar Settings with the icon in the bottom left of Calendar View.
  3. Select ‘Include Private Folders’ to allow Mylio to show Private Folders in Life Calendar.

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