Set Folder or Album Cover

Keeping your photos organized is easiest when you know what to expect when opening a folder or album. This makes setting the cover image for a folder not only fun, but important in making your library easily navigable.

When setting a cover photo, keep in mind that it is not necessary for the folder to contain the photo you are using as the cover image. An album, however, must contain the photo that you would like to set as the cover

There are two easy ways to set a cover photo…

Setting a cover photo with contextual menus

  1. Locate the photo that you would like to use as a cover for a specific folder or album.
  2. Select the image so it is outlined in blue.
  3. Use the action menu to select ‘Set as cover’.Mylio Set Cover
  4. The Set Cover window will open, allowing you to select which folder you would like to set the cover for. When using the menu, note that whatever folder is highlighted in blue is what you are applying the photo to.
  5. Select ‘Set’ and the cover will automatically be applied and synced between your devices.

Setting a cover photo using flutter

  1. Locate the folder or album you would like to change the cover for.
  2. Use the flutter feature to locate the image you would like to use a cover image.
  3. Once you have stopped on the image, a pin will appear in the lower left corner of the image.Set Cover Flutter
  4. Selecting this pin will automatically change the cover photo to this photo and sync it between all of your devices.

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