Search vs. Filter

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Mylio allows for two different types of searches to assist in finding the best possible result for your search.

First, Mylio allows for a search on your entire library. Typing a search term allows for Mylio to search your entire library and return results for your entire library. To run a search, simply click on the ‘Search’ menu at the top right of the center panel and type your search term.
Mylio Desktop Search

Mylio allows for a second type of search, called a filter.
Mylio Desktop Filter

Using filter allows Mylio to filter for a term within your current view. For instance, if you are in a folder called “2010” and run the filter Keywords:”dog”, you will be shown all photos within the “2010” folder that include the keyword “dog”. Filter will function on albums and folders, and even subfolders.

To toggle between search and filter, open the search/filter menu by selecting the magnifying glass or the funnel on the left hand side of the search box. This will open the expanded search options, in which you can select ‘Search’ or ‘Filter’ at the top.

Mylio Desktop Search vs Filter


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