The Search Bar

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Searching for photos, videos, folders, albums, or just about anything is easy in Mylio. You can do so using Mylio’s search bar. By default the search bar is a generic search bar and your entire library will be searched. All metadata and Mylio specific data will be searched. You can use specific terms to search more directly into a piece of information.

Opening the search menu allows you to strategically search for certain aspects of photos. Open the search menu by clicking the small arrow at the left hand side of the search bar.

Mylio Desktop Search Menu

Once open, you can switch between search and filter.

The four icons at the top of the search menu are the pin menu, the ratings menu, the people menu, and the location menu. These allows you to toggle between different search types and easily narrow down your desired search.

Keywords will search the keyword field on any photo. The arrow to the right of the keyword field shows you a list of all keywords within your Mylio database.

Ratings allow you to narrow down your search by rating, label, or flag.

Finally, you can narrow your search to show only photos, only videos, or a combination of both.

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