Removing Duplicates

Mylio is designed to be a viewer of your operating system and file system. This means that any duplicates found within Mylio are actually duplicate files on your machine.

Mylio can help protect from duplicates by using the Exclude Suspected Duplicates option when importing files. This option is available when first copying images into Mylio. If you already have duplicates in Mylio, though, then other steps must be taken to remove them.

  1. Mylio can detect if a file is a true duplicate by simply selecting it while the Info panel is open. Mylio will then display a “X Duplicates” button at the bottom of the Info panel if a photo is a duplicate. By selecting this button, Mylio will display the duplicates and allow you to easily compare and delete one.

    This option, however, is not often viable if you have many duplicates.

  2. Use a third party software on your file system. Since Mylio is referencing your file system and displaying the files 1:1, deleting duplicates from your file system will delete them in Mylio as well. Both macOS and Windows have viable options for duplicate removal, and often use advanced logic to decide if two photos are the same based off of more than metadata. Mylio does not have a recommended third party software to use and suggests online searching for the right one for your situation.