The Ratings Bar

Rating Photos in Desktop View

 The rating bar in Mylio makes it easy to keep your photos organized. Use these tools to visually tag your photos into different categories.

The rating bar can be opened easily by selecting the small star icon at the bottom left of the center panel. This will open the rating bar, as pictured here:

Mylio Desktop Rating Bar

  • Stars (rating) – use the stars to symbolize 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 star photos. This is an easy way to separate your great photos from the good photos, and the ones that get deleted from the ones that get framed.
  • Labels (colors) – label ratings are a great way to classify photos. While everyone has unique workflows, labels are often used to separate types of images. For instance, red images can be animal photos, yellow could mean landscape, and green mean portrait.
  • Flag – a simple flag. This will put a flag icon on your photo to reference later. Much like the label, there is no wrong way to use the flag!
  • Auto-Advance – with a photo in full screen, making a change to the rating, label, or flag to a photo will cause the photo to auto advance to the next photo. No swiping or clicking required!

Once you have rated, labeled, and/or flagged your photo, you can easily see these marking on each photo. This makes browsing through your photos for that specific show effortless. You can even search by rating, label, or flag.

Mylio Label


Rating Photos in Mobile View

Mylio’s mobile view allows you to easily favorite a photo by using the heart icon at the bottom left of Mylio. This icon will tag a photo as 4 stars so that they are easily searchable on both desktop and mobile views.


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