Protecting Your Photos

What does “Protection” means?

Mylio is designed with the protection your memories in mind. To do this, Mylio relies on a popular protection method called “3-3-2”.

The 3-3-2 protection method is based around having 3 copies of your data on 3 different devices in 2 different locations. This setup protects your memories and important files from hard drive failure, acts of God, theft, and natural disasters. With the quickly decreasing cost of external hard drives, protecting your data has never been cheaper, faster, and more secure.

Mylio’s Protection Bar

Mylio’s protection status bar is designed to help you see how protected your photos are. The protection bar can be found at the top of the Navigation Panel, or at the top of the sync panel. The Navigation Panel’s protection bar is only displayed if you have at least two devices that want originals on your account and there are unprotected images.

Mylio Protect Bar

This protection bar is an easy way to see how protected your photos are.

  • Green = original photos are protected on at least 3 devices
  • Yellow = original photos are at risk

By clicking on the protection bar, you will be shown additional information about which photos are unprotected. Simply select ‘__ unprotected images” to see the photos that need to sync to your devices that want originals. 

Improving Protection Status

Adding additional devices to protect your photos is easy with Mylio. To add devices and increase protection status, simply select “Add More Devices” by selecting the device map, below the protection bar. Once select you can…

  1. Add External Drive
  2. Add NAS
  3. Add Mac / PC
  4. Add Amazon Drive