Understanding Places View

Many cameras, including cell phones, will include GPS data in the photo’s metadata. This makes it easy to know just where the photo was taken, and provides a valuable, and automatic, way for you to sort your photos.

Mylio’s ‘Places View’ uses the GPS information already written to your photos to present you with a pre-organized view of all of your photos that contain GPS information.

Mylio will organize your photos much like folders or albums. You can easily open folders to contain more specific locations, down to city or town that your photos were taken.

Places view hierarchy is organized by…

Country / State, Province, or Region / City



Adding GPS Data to Photos with No GPS Data or Incorrect GPS Data

If your photo(s) currently do not contain GPS data, or contain incorrect information and you would like for Mylio to display them in Places view, you can easily tell Mylio where your photos were taken to create, or add, your photos to their proper Places album.

  1. Open Mylio and navigate to an image or set of images that do not contain GPS information.
  2. Open the Places tab within the details panel.
  3. Mylio will display a blank map with a gray pin at the bottom if no GPS information is available, or a red pin on the map.Places Pin Mylio
  4. Move the pin to the location your photo or photos were taken.
  5. Mylio will display the new location information at the top of the map.Move Mylio Pin
  6. A places album will be created if one does not exist that includes the pictures.Places View Mylio


Note: Mylio’s places information is delivered by a third party, if a specific photo or set of photos displays the wrong information we are not able to adjust it.

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