Understanding People View

The people view in Mylio allows you to easily see your family and friends and your favorite photos of them. By tagging the people in your library, you are telling Mylio that this person is in this picture, and Mylio will automatically make a ‘People’ container based off of them.

There are two sections of Mylio that are involved in making People albums.

Creating People albums
People albums are created automatically when someone is tagged in the photo. Tagging a photo is easy…

  1. Open Mylio and select a photo that you would like to tag a person in
  2. Open the ‘People’ section of the Details Panel.
  3. If the person you are tagging is already part of your Mylio Library, you can select their name here. Otherwise, use the ‘Who were you with” dialog to type in the person’s first and last name (or just first name or last name if desired).Mylio Desktop People View
  4. Mylio will automatically record that this person is in Mylio and display it in the people view


Viewing People albums
People albums are automatically populated when using the “Creating People albums” guide. Each person tagged will be listed in their own album, and any photos that person is tagged in will be present.

The People view also has an “untagged” section where you can see all photos that are not currently tagged with people. This allows you to easily see which photos need to be tagged using the “Creating People albums” steps above.

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