The Navigation Panel

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Mylio’s Navigation Panel is designed to primarily adjust the view of the center panel. This allows you to change how you want to view your photos and videos. Additionally, the panel will give you some important options to further utilize Mylio.

Import (desktop view only)
 – opens the import menu. This allows you to import from many locations, like your computer’s folders, external hard drives, online services like Facebook and Flickr, and attached cameras and SD cards.

Folders – Mylio’s primary view. This displays all of the folders that you have imported into Mylio. These folders can be imported in any way, and all media in your Mylio Library can be found in this view.

Albums – albums allow you to manually organize your photos into different organizations.

Calendar – a fully navigable calendar where you can view your photos as they were taken by decade, year, month, week, and day.

Events – create events based off of date and Mylio will automatically display them in collections and add them as colored bars to Calendar view.

People – photos that you have tagged with specific people can be seen here. The photos will be separated into albums for each person.

Places – if your photos include GPS data they will automatically be displayed in their location. You can also add photos to a location from the Places editor in the Details Panel.

Last Import (desktop view only– view the last set of pictures that were imported into Mylio.

Last Search (desktop view only– displays the set of photos that were last searched for using Mylio’s search feature.

Settings – setting up Mylio to work just like you want it can be done directly from the settings menu. Change both how Mylio looks and how it functions here.

Help (found within Settings on desktop view)– a direct line to the Mylio Support Team. Use the “Contact Mylio Support” option to automatically email Mylio Support and get helped quickly!


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