The Mylio Clipboard

The Mylio Clipboard allows you to quickly and easily store photos temporarily for moving between folders, albums, or views.

Opening the Mylio Clipboard is easy – simply select the Show Mylio Clipboard icon at the bottom right of Mylio’s center panel, or begin to drag a photo down to the bottom of Mylio and The Mylio Clipboard will open automatically.

Mylio Clipboard

The Mylio Clipboard is not permanent storage and should only be used to move photos between locations.

For instance, if you want to browse your library and select your favorite photos for an album, the Mylio Clipboard makes that easy. Just drag a set of photos into Mylio Clipboard from Folder view or All Photos V]view and then drag them out into an already created album.

You can even use the Mylio Clipboard to move entire folders into other folders, or folders from one folder to another folder!

The Mylio Clipboard is a great tool for organizing your photos and can easily be utilized to move photos between folders and albums in your library.

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