Troubleshooting: Moving the Location of Your Mylio Library

In some instances, your photo library may be much larger than your computer can store or may have been placed in an undesirable location during set-up. Luckily, Mylio can make it easy to free up space on your computer or move your library location altogether.

Free Up Space By Modifying Sync Policy

  1. Add an External Hard Drive as a Vault
  2. Give Mylio a bit of time to completely sync your Originals to the new USB hard drive.
  3. Once that is complete, change the Sync Policy of your computer from Vault to Auto-Optimized.
  4. After the Sync Policy change is complete, just make sure to empty your system Trash or Recycle Bin to reclaim free space.

  Note:   if your Originals are not synced to at least two devices, you will need to empty the Mylio cache to reclaim free space.

Relocate the Mylio Library folder

  1. Close Mylio on any device you’re using.
  2. Locate the Mylio Library folder
    1. On macOS the Mylio library is, by default, stored in the user home folder. This can be accessed by opening Finder, clicking the Go menu in the top menu bar, and selecting Home.
    2. On Windows the Mylio library is, by default, stored in the user folder. This can be located by opening File Explorer, selecting the user, and locating the Mylio folder.
  3. Move the Mylio Library folder to your desired location
  4. Once the move has completed, ensure the original Mylio folder is no longer in your user folder. If it is, delete it (or rename it if you want to keep a copy of these photos on your computer temporarily).
  5. Open Mylio. You will be greeted by a dialog requesting to point Mylio to the new library location. Use the Finder or Explorer window the is displayed to navigate to where you relocated the library, and chose the Mylio library folder
  6. Mylio will scan the location to link your files. When opening Mylio in the future it will automatically know to look for your files in the new location.

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