Using the Mylio Lightroom Plugin

  Note:  this is a premium feature available to paid Mylio subscribers. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading your Mylio account here.

While most edits will be seen in Mylio simply by writing Lightroom edits to XMP files, some users may use edits in Lightroom that Mylio does not support. The Mylio Lightroom Plugin allows for photos that have edits that Mylio cannot read to still be viewable in Mylio via a Display Image.

Display Images are JPG files that the Mylio plugin will send directly to Mylio. These images stack on top of your current photo within Mylio as not to create duplicates. For instance, if you have a RAW image (named Water.RAW) that includes a gradient edit, this edit will not be visible in Mylio. By publishing the image to Mylio from Lightroom a separate image will be created that has “baked in” edits (named Water_display.RAW) and stacked onto the RAW image in Mylio. Mylio will display the baked in version, but still have access to the RAW version.

Using the Mylio Lightroom Plugin

  1. Locate a photo within Lightroom that is imported both in Mylio and in Lightroom. If the photo you wish to edit is not yet imported into Lightroom, you can easily do this from Mylio’s ‘Edit with Lightroom’ option within the ‘Photo’ menu.
  2. Make edits to your photo in Lightroom. If the edits are readable by Mylio, they will reflect automatically as long as XMP writing is enabled.
  3. If edits are made that are not compatible with Mylio, drag the photo to the “Photostream” within the Mylio plugin.
    Mylio Photostream
  4. Once in the Photostream, use the ‘Publish’ option to create the display image within Mylio.
  5. If you attempt to edit the photo in Mylio after being published from Lightroom, you will receive an error message alerting you that External Edits have been made.  You then have the option to discard the Lightroom edits or duplicate the photo, leaving you with one Lightroom edited version and one Mylio editable version.
    External Edits


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