Understanding Life Calendar

Mylio’s Life Calendar is a unique view that combines both the Calendar view and the Event view to create an easily navigable timeline of your photos that are marked and organized inside of important events. With a populated Life Calendar, you get more than you would with Mylio’s stock Calendar view – which simply displays your photos in chronological order.

Life Calendar is made up of two primary views:

Event View

Mylio’s Event view is a smart organization tool that quickly gathers photos from an event based off of the dates the photos were taken. By designating that a date or range of dates is related, Mylio will group all media from that time into an event that can be named, categorized and described for easy recollection.

For instance, the screenshot below shows an event created for January 22nd, 2016 and January 25th, 2016. This event is called Exploring Seattle and is described as “First time exploring beautiful Seattle!”. The event is part of the “Travel” category and Mylio has taken all photos and videos from this date range and added it to the event automatically.

This event can be opened to display all photos taken from February 22nd – 25th, 2016.

While Event view offers an easy way to group and organize photos, it becomes even more powerful when paired with Calendar view.

Calendar View

Mylio’s Calendar view, by default, will display all of your photos based on their Date Taken metadata. This is a great way to browse through your images to find the perfect moment. However, Calendar view in conjunction with events makes locating the right photo easier than ever.

When using calendar view after you have created events, Mylio displays a colored bar across the top of the date, showing that something important has happened in that date range. Mylio can even use your event’s cover photo to make the event easily locatable on the calendar. In the screenshot below, you can see the ‘Exploring Seattle’ event that was created in January 2016 as seen in year view…

Since multiple important events happened in January, three bars are shown. Each color represents a different category, and which category takes priority can be designated manually. By designating category priority, Mylio can ensure that the most important cover photo and colored bars are displaying in Calendar view.

By opening up the calendar further into month view, you can view the “Exploring Seattle” event bar being displayed across multiple days. The second event bar (“Seattle Snow Day”) is no longer stacked under the other event bar because the events did not happen on the same day.


Utilizing Calendar view and Event view to make an easily navigable Life Calendar is a great way to keep your photos organized. Life Calendar offers an additional view and create customizations that make the creation of events, categories, and cover artwork truly one of a kind.

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