The Library Statistics Menu

Mylio’s Library Statistics view is a great way to see in-depth information about your library health and content. The Library Statistics panel can show you an assorted array of information, including…

  • Devices and device health
  • File types
  • Camera used
  • People tagged
  • Locations
  • Import history
  • Mylio tasks
  • Bandwidth used

Viewing Library Statistics

  1. Open Mylio and select your media count at the top of the navigation panel.
  2. Select “Library Stats”
  3. Mylio will display the library statistics information.


Using Library Statistics

Device health

While the library Statistics panel can be used to learn a lot about the files in your library, it can also be used to diagnose issues with specific devices. If Mylio detects an issue with your library, like missing or unprotected originals, the device will be outlined in red. When this happens, selecting the device will guide you through fixing this issue.

Library data

Mylio will display selectable information about your library such as file type and camera make a model. In these cases, selecting the data will allow you to see the files related to that topic. For instance, selecting “jpg” from the FILES statistics will display all jpg files in Mylio.

Customizing Library Statistics

Library Statistics can be customized to add or remove specific data points. Using the gear in the top right, you can toggle on and off specific panels that interest you.

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