Open Photos in Mylio from Other Apps on iOS

Some iOS apps will allow you to send photos directly to Mylio for iOS. This allows you to save images, videos, and PDFs into Mylio without the file needing to be available in your camera roll. Once imported, the file will be sent to a folder named ‘Inbox’ on your device that lives outside of Mylio Pictures. The file will then sync between the other devices on your Mylio account.

If this option is available it may look slightly different in each app. Below are the primary ways this will be displayed…

Mylio Open In on iOS    Import with Mylio on iOS

A list of known applications this feature works with and their supported file types. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and many additional apps may support this feature.

Known Supported Applications

App Name
File Type
Adobe ReaderPDF
Google DocsPDF
Google SheetsPDF
Google SlidesPDF
Google DriveImages, Videos, PDF
Google PhotosImages, Videos
Mail (Apple Mail)Images, Videos, PDF
PixelmatorImages (JPG)
Google ChromePDF
Microsoft OutlookVideos, PDF
iCloud DriveVideos, PDF
MessagesImages, Videos, PDF
WhatsappImages, Videos
VSCO CamImages
SlackImages, Videos, PDF
DropboxImages, Videos, PDF
Camera PlusImages
Amazon DriveImages, Videos, PDF