Importing iPhoto Albums or Specific iPhoto Events

Mylio’s iPhoto import tool is an easy way to move your entire iPhoto library directly to Mylio. What if you don’t want all of your iPhoto photos in Mylio? This guide will show you how to export individual pieces of information out of iPhoto and directly into Mylio.

Note: this process will copy your photos out of iPhoto, please make sure you have sufficient space to copy the selected photos.

  1. Open your iPhoto Library.
  2. You can easily select multiple events to export or multiple albums to export, but events and albums can not be mixed and will need to be exported separately.
    Note that if exporting both all events and all albums, you will have duplicate files in your library as iPhoto albums contain photos from iPhoto events.
  3. With the events or albums you want to import into Mylio selected, navigate to ‘File > Export…’.Support_iPhotoExport
  4. iPhoto allows you to customize your export. Select ‘File Export’ at the top left of this window. To maintain the highest quality files, your settings should be sat as…Kind: Original
    File Name: Use filename
    Prefix for sequential: leave empty
    Subfolder Format: Event/Album NameSupport_iphotoexport_options
  5. Once your settings are in place, select ‘Export’.
  6. iPhoto will allow you to export your files to your file system. Locate your Mylio Library (by default this is in your user folder).
  7. Your Mylio Library will include your Mylio Pictures folder. Save your photos into this location.
  8. Once the export is complete, open Mylio.
  9. The Mylio Pictures folder will automatically be populate with your iPhoto photos. Manipulating them here will not effect iPhoto.