Importing Google Photos and Picasa Photos

Importing from Google services like Picasa or Google Photos is easy with Mylio’s Google import tool. This tool allows you to select any album that is stored in Picasa on the web or Google Photos for import to Mylio.

Note: If your photos are currently in the Picasa application and you have not transitioned to Google Photos, you may wish to manually export from Picasa into Mylio to retain additional data. 

Picasa and Google Photo Import Limitations

Google has implemented restrictions that may not allow Mylio to import all data. For instance…

  1. Google does not allow the importing of shared albums or Google-made albums (videofication albums, etc…)
  2. Google does not allow for the importing of videos. These will need downloaded manually and imported.
  3. Mylio may not decode and display all RAW photos as expected.
  4. Photos stored in Google Drive, outside of Picasa or Google Photos, are not accessible to Mylio.
  5. Google does not allow access to your photo archives. If your photos have been moved to Google’s archive from Picasa, you will need to download them directly from Google and import using the copy or Source Folders commands.

Metadata and Edits

Metadata between Picasa / Google Photos and Mylio is generally retained as expected, with some exceptions…

  1. Edits done in Picasa / Google Photos are retained when downloaded into Mylio but are ‘baked in’. This means edits are permanent in the downloaded version and cannot be undone or modified (additional Mylio edits can be made).
  2. Date changes in Picasa and Google Photos are not retained when downloading to Mylio. The original ‘Capture Date’ of the image will be used.
  3. Description in Picasa and Google Photos are retained as ‘Captions’ in Mylio.

Importing Picasa and Google Photos into Mylio

  1. Open Mylio and select ‘Import’ from the Navigation Panel.
  2. From the import menu, select ‘Online Services’.Import Online Services Mylio
  3. Select ‘Picasa / Google Photos’.Mylio Import Picasa
  4. You will be prompted to type in your Google email address and password.
  5. Google will confirm that you wish to allow for Mylio to manage your photos and videos. This is required for Mylio to access your media. Select ‘Allow’ to progress.
  6. Mylio will ask which Google albums you wish to import. Select the albums and then ‘Continue’.Import Picasa Albums into Mylio
  7. Select the location that you wish to import your photos to. This can be an existing folder or you can create a new folder with ‘New Folder’.Import Google Photos into Mylio
  8. Mylio will begin importing your photos from Google Photos or Picasa.


Importing from Multiple Google Photos Accounts

If you have multiple Google Photos accounts you would like to import from, you will first need to clear the permissions given to Mylio. To do this…

  1. Navigate and login to Google’s permissions and security page.
  2. Locate and select Mylio in the list of approved apps.
  3. Select ‘Remove’

This process will not remove any imported photos from Mylio, but instead, allow you to authorize Mylio to import from a different Google account when following the steps above.