Importing Flickr photos

Importing your photos from Flickr is a quick and easy way to populate your Mylio library with some of your favorite photos. Using Mylio’s Flickr import tool will copy your public photos directly into the Mylio Library from your Flickr site.

  1. Select ‘Import’ from the Navigation Panel.
  2. Select ‘Online Services’.
  3. Select ‘Flickr’.
  4. Mylio will automatically ask you for your user email and password.
  5. Once signed in, Mylio will display your albums on Flickr and allow you to select the ones you want to import. Selecting an album will highlight the text and put a blue check mark next to it.

    Mylio Desktop Flickr Import

  6. Once imported, you will be asked to confirm the location that you want to save your photos. You can save Flickr photos to any folder.
  7. If you have directly uploaded photos to your Flickr, they will not be downloaded automatically to Mylio. However, you can import the album again and only the newly added photos will be copied into Mylio.


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