Importing with Copy Folders

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Mylio has a variety of Import options that will bring your photos into the Mylio Library.

This article will walk you through using the ‘Copy Folders‘ option and what it means.

When you select this option, Mylio will duplicate a folder and its contents into the Mylio library.

To proceed with copying a folder into Mylio, follow the steps below.

  1. Launch Mylio and click on ‘Import‘ in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click on ‘Copy Folders’.
  3. Once you select the folder you want to import, the Import Settings window will come up.Mylio Desktop Copy Folder Options
  4. Here you can verify the source of the import (“Importing from”) and customize the folder organization (by default it is set to Year/Month).You can also click on the ‘Settings drop down menu for additional importing options:
  5. This will provide you with additional options, such as the ability to…
    • Rename the files
    • Exclude suspected duplicates
    • Delete Files After Import
    • Add keywords to your import
    • Add the folder name as a keyword
      Mylio Desktop Copy Folders
  6. Once you’ve verified that all your settings are correct, you are ready to click on ‘Import Now to complete the process.

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