Importing Aperture Library Photos


Mylio makes moving your entire Aperture Library into the Mylio system quick and easy with the full Aperture migration tool. Mylio’s Aperture migration tool includes the ability to bring over the vast majority of information found within your Aperture Library. For a complete list of what is and what is not imported from Aperture to Mylio, please see this article.

Note: Mylio requires Aperture version 3.6 to run the ‘Aperture’ import command. Please update from the App Store if not running Aperture 3.6. 

Import your Aperture Library

  1. Be sure that the Aperture Application is closed.
  2. Open Mylio and select ‘Import’ from the Navigation Panel.
  3. Select ‘Aperture / iPhotos / Photos’.
  4. Mylio will search for your Aperture library automatically. If Your Aperture library is not found, select ‘Other Library…’ and show Mylio where it is.

    Mylio Desktop Aperture Import Library Select
  5. Select your Aperture Library and click ‘Continue’ in the bottom right
  6. Information about your Aperture library will be displayed automatically.Mylio Desktop Aperture Import Settings

Please note: Mylio is creating a copy of your Aperture Library, so “Available Disk Space” field must be larger than the “Library Size” field.

  1. Once the information has been confirmed, select Start Import to begin the Aperture import.
  2. Mylio will automatically begin to import your Aperture Library. If you would like to continue working in Mylio while Aperture imports, you can click the minimize size (-) in the top left of the import menu. If minimized, the status of the import can be seen in the Activity section of the Sync Panel.
  3. Once completed, Mylio will display a blue information bar that says ‘Library Import Completed. See details…’ Click ‘See details’ to learn specifics about your Aperture migration, like any errors, keywords, edited media, etc…
  4. By default, the Aperture library will be placed outside, but next to, the Mylio Pictures folder. Since a copy command was performed you can freely move this folder inside of Mylio Pictures if desired.