Coming from Apple Photos

If you’ve previously, or are currently using Apple’s Photos application for Mac OS X you may notice that some terms and features are slightly different in Mylio.

  • Albums in Photos are very similar to Albums in Mylio, they can contain photos from several locations around your library and will display them all together
  • Events in Photos roughly translate to Folders in Mylio, but could also be used like Albums.
  • Editing in photos was done by selecting Edit while viewing a photo. Mylio’s editing controls are located in the Edit panel of the Details Panel.
  • Face Recognition in Photos was only displayed by choosing “Show Face Names” from the view menu. You can show similar face recognition information in Mylio by clicking the “Face Tagging” button in the lower toolbar. Mylio also includes a central location for all tagged faces under the People section in the Navigation Panel.
  • Location data in Photos was displayed in the Photo Inspector, in Mylio this data is shown in the Places section of the Details Panel. Mylio also collects all tagged locations in the Places section of the Navigation Panel.
  • Favorites is Photos rating system. Mylio uses a 1-5 star rating system to allow a more specific rating system. Mylio can also use color rating as well as a star rating to provide several layers of tagging.
  • Photo Metadata in Photos is shown in the Photo Inspector. In Mylio, all metadata is displayed in the Info panel of the Details Panel.

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