Free Up Space on Camera Roll

Mylio can help clear up space in your device’s Camera Roll once the original image has been imported and protected to Mylio. In order to do this, Mylio needs to ensure your photo is protected by having the original image in two other locations. If your photo is not in at least two other locations, Mylio will not delete the photo from your camera roll.

To learn more about protecting your photos to clear camera roll space, please see this article.

Once imported into Mylio and protected across at least two devices, you can easily remove photos from your device’s Camera Roll by…

  1. Open Mylio on your iOS device and navigate to settings.
  2. Select ‘Free up space on this Camera Roll’.
  3. Mylio will report how much data can be removed from the camera roll.

    iOS Mylio Clear Camera Roll

  4. Press ‘Delete’ to delete the photos from your camera roll. The photos will remain in Mylio and on other devices.


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