Adjusting Folder and File Sync Policies

  Note:  this is a premium feature available to paid Mylio subscribers. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading your Mylio account here.

Mylio allows you to select whether you would like to sync Thumbnails, Previews or Originals for specific files or folders. With this, you can manage your storage and ensure that the right photos are ready for you whenever you need them.

  Note:  Sync Policy adjustments for folders can be made from any device for any device, while specific image or file Sync Policy adjustments can only be done to the device you are using.

Setting Sync Policies for Specific Media

  1. Open the Sync panel to show the list of Mylio Devices.
  2. Select the folder, photo, or video that you want to adjust the Sync Policy for by clicking on it once on a computer or tapping and holding it on your touchscreen device.
  3. The top of the Sync panel will show information about your selection. This means that the changes made in the Sync panel will only apply to what is shown at the top of the Sync panel. If the Sync panel displays “Library” or anything other than your selection, confirm your selection again in the main window by selecting it again.
  4. Choose the device you want to make changes to by selecting its name. This will open the Sync Policy dialog. Mylio Desktop Adjust File Policy
  5. Any alterations made in the Sync panel will only change the selected folder(s), photo(s) or video(s).
  6. Once you’ve made these changes, Mylio will apply them to the specific device and folder you’ve selected.
  7. If lowering the resolution of synced photos, any photos already synced to the device will remain cached locally until you clear the cache.

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