Editing Metadata

Editing your photo’s metadata is easy with Mylio. Making sure each photo is properly keyworded, has the correct date and time, and captioned correctly can save valuable time in the future when searching for the perfect photo.

What metadata can be viewed?

  1. Camera make
  2. Camera model
  3. Lens
  4. Image dimensions
  5. Image size
  6. File extensions
  7. White Balance (on/off)
  8. Flash (on/off)
  9. Metering
  10. ISO
  11. Aperture
  12. Focal Length
  13. Exposure Compensation
  14. Shutter speed
  15. Import source
  16. Import date
  17. Folder

What metadata can be edited?

  1. Date
  2. Title
  3. Caption
  4. File Name
  5. Keywords
  6. Copyright


How to edit photo metadata

  1. Locate and select the photo you would like to edit the metadata for.
  2. Open the info panel.
  3. The editable fields will automatically be displayed for the selected photos. Clicking or tapping those fields allow you to alter the information within them.
  4. You can edit keywords for multiple images using this guide.