Creating and Using Presets

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Mylio allows you to create presets of your favorite edits so they can easily be applied to any of your photos. Creating a preset helps you save time, and makes sure your photos are always looking their best.

Setting up a preset

  1. Select a photo and open the edit menu
  2. Make edits to your photos
  3. Once your edits are perfect, select ‘Presets’ at the top of the edit panel  Mylio Presets Right Panel
  4. Within the ‘Presets’ window, select ‘Add’Mylio add new preset
  5. Name your preset
  6. You will be asked if you would like to save all adjustments, some, or none. This allows you to apply presets around already edited photos. For example, if I save a preset with Exposure set to 0 (not moved), then saving ‘All’ will apply a 0 exposure to all the photos I use the preset on. If I select ‘Changed Ones’ then adjustments I have not touched will not be applied to a photo that has the preset applied.
  7. Select whether you would like to include the crop or angle rotation.
  8. Once all settings are set, select ‘Save’ to save the preset.Mylio Save New Preset

Using a preset

A preset can be used on a single image or a series of images. On a single image…

  1. Select the photo you would like the apply the preset to and open the edit menu.
  2. Open ‘Presets’ in the edit panel.
  3. Select the preset you would like to apply.Mylio use preset
  4. Mylio will apply the preset to the single image.

Adding a preset to multiple images is just as easy…

  1. Select multiple images.
  2. Open the edit panel to see a list of available presets.
  3. Select the preset you would like to apply to the image.


Renaming or deleting a preset

  1. Select an image and open the edit panel.
  2. Select ‘Presets’ and the top of the edit panel to open the Presets window.
  3. Select the gear to the right of the preset you would like to edit the name of or delete.
  4. Select ‘Delete’ or ‘Rename’.

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