Duplicating Photos

There are several reasons why you might want to duplicate a photo. The main reason that having a duplicate photo is relevant is to have a completely unedited copy and a version of a photo that you can make and adjust edits on. By quickly and easily duplicating your photos within Mylio you can easily maintain the integrity of your originals.

  1. Select the ‘Actions menu’ in the lower portion of the main panel.
  2. Select ‘Duplicate Photo’ Mylio Desktop Dplicate Photo
  3. Mylio will automatically create a duplicate as [Image Name] (copy)

Once you have duplicated your image you have the option to rename it…

  1. To rename your duplicate photo click on the ‘info’ button in the Details Panel.
  2. Select the ‘title box’ and type in your new title.

Now that your photo is duplicated you are free to move and edit your duplicated copy as you see fit. Duplicates can be edited without affecting the original and can be deleted and changed as necessary.


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