Device Sync Policies

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Device Policies in Mylio allows you to adjust which quality of photo syncs to each device by default. By configuring a device, you are setting the standard quality in which that device will sync photos. For instance, if an iPad has a device policy set to Previews, it will always sync previews by default. You can manually adjust specific photos or folders that you would like to sync as originals or thumbnails, but new photos will always sync as previews. 

Adjusting Device Policies for a device can be done at any time…

  1. Open Mylio on any device, you can adjust Device Policies for any device from any device.
  2. Open  the Device Map
    Mylio Device Map
  3. Mylio will display the devices registered to your account – select the device you wish to adjust the policy for and select ‘Device Settings’.Mylio Select Device
  4. Within this window, you can adjust the ‘Default Photo Size and Quality’ to sync thumbnails, previews, or originals.Mylio Change Sync Settings
  5. Once selected, select “Apply” to confirm the change.


If you have increased your device policy, note that you will need to sync the changed device with a device that has the newly-requested quality . When setting a Device Policy, Mylio will always sync the photos of lower resolution as well. For instance, if the Device Policy is ‘Originals’, the device will have originals, previews, and thumbnails. If a device is set to ‘Previews’ it will have both previews and thumbnails.


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