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Knowing how to add devices to your Mylio account is an important part of keeping your photos protected. Managing those devices, though, is an important part of ensuring Mylio is organized.

Knowing the settings available to the devices on your account can help you get set up in Mylio and ensure your system is organized.

Opening the Device Settings

To open device settings, first open the Device Map. Mylio will list the devices registered to your account. Select the device you would like to edit settings for, and then select ‘Device Settings’. 

Using the Device Settings Window

The Device Settings menu allows you to alter the settings for a specific device in regards to how it relates to Mylio. Below are the major components of the Device Settings window…

Mylio Desktop Device Settings

  • Device Nickname
    The device name can be changed by simply clicking or tapping on it.
  • Space
    Space used by Mylio and space available will be displayed. This allows you to easily check how much storage your entire Mylio Library is using.
  • Default Photo Size & Quality
    Adjust your device’s default sync policy here.
  • Device is offsite
    Changing a device to offsite allows you to tell Mylio that any originals on this device are stored offsite, and thus offer a higher level of protection. Mylio’s “Full Protection” is achieved when you have three copies of your photos. Two local copies and an offsite copy.
  • Shuttle (Advanced Plan only)
    Set up this device to shuttle information between two or more other devices. Read more about shuttle here.
  • Minimum Free Space
    Set the space threshold that Mylio is allowed to work within. Setting this number means that Mylio will not sync if you have less than this space available on your machine. Please note, it is not possible to set Mylio’s minimum free space to be less than 1GB due to performance reasons. 
  • Clear Cache
    Mylio’s cache will hold photos that your machine has but does not want. This generally happens after changing sync policies for your machine. Use this command to clear the cache. Please note, you can only empty the cache on the device you are currently using. For example, an iPhone can not clear the cache on a Mac.
  • Unregister this Device
    Remove this device completely from Mylio. This options will ensure the current device stops syncing with future photos. It is recommended that you ensure all photos within this copy of Mylio are synced to other copies before unregistering a device. You can also unregister a device from your account management page.

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